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New year, new book. Fresh coffee. I don’t make resolutions but you can probably expect to see more books about place-based culture, pondering about future in the face of climate and economic change, and environmental histories.
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Last night's JBC literary salon was lit 🕎 Cocktails + conversation (about identity, history, and food) with culinary historian & author @thecookinggene at @vinepair HQ. Anxiously awaiting his next book! ✨✡️

Read “Memories Evoked While Reading The Cooking Gene by Michael W. Twitty” on the blog, today. Link in bio: scroll down and click on “continue reading”😋@thecookinggene #thecookinggene #afroculinaria #michaelwtwitty #foodandmemory #culinaryhistory #books #bookstagram #americanhistory #africanamericanculinaryhistory

Episode 19 is up and ready for your ears! We chat with Michael W. Twitty (@thecookinggene) about his new book, #TheCookingGene, the discomfort entrenched in Southern cuisine, and how African food and language became embedded into American culture, from million dollar rice crops to the origins of the word "yum".
"We don’t know the names of these cooks. We don’t know the names of these eaters. We don’t have their life story. Very rarely do you see those two parts of the narrative put together: the lives of the enslaved and the food they produced."
Listen to the full episode (guest hosted by @leahkirts) now at @heritage_radio. Link in bio.
📷 @thecookinggene

#Discover @thecookinggene by #MichaelWTwitty - a culinary history of Southern cuisine that reads like a detective story! #bninspired #cookout #soulfood #southern #bookstagram

So I know some of you won't get this and that's okay. It has been my goal since the start of the year to learn everything I can about southern food. Super excited to add "The Cooking Gene" to my signed collection! 🤓
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It's on now in my kitchen because I know that "For a long time black people have been the original farm-to-table folks" "From these roots our ancestors' determination to maintain their culture and build better lives, even during eras of enslavement and sharecropping, has made us a rich people with the lessons we've learned from the soil and from community with each other"-Michael W. Twitty, Culinary Historian, Author of "The Cooking Gene" Michael Twitty continues with these Principles: 1. Know your tools 2. Know your people 3. Know your recipes 4. Know your Area and Seasons 5. Learn to save seeds 6. Take pride in what you are doing. Afro Vegan by Bryant Terry, African. Caribbean. Southern flavors remixed. #KosherSoul #MichaelWTwitty #AfroVegan #BryantTerry

Just picked up #thecookinggene by #michaelwtwitty :: I heard an interview with him one morning on the radio (NPR/On Point maybe?). What struck me most was realizing that so many foods I grew up eating or recognizing first-hand, have a rich and soulful history - a history worth knowing and expanding. Mr. Twitty's extensive culinary knowledge have me intrigued. Excited to dive in. .
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#Discover @thecookinggene by #MichaelWTwitty - a culinary history of Southern cuisine that reads like a detective story! #BNFramingham #bninspired #cookout #soulfood #southern #bookstagram

I've been growing and saving seed from heirloom Fish peppers for several years - traditionally used since the 18th century by African-American cooks for seasoning seafood, etc in the mid Atlantic - so I was pleased to find a recipe for Fish pepper sauce in @thecookinggene by Michael Twitty. Really enjoying - and getting edification and education - from this wonderful writer and gentleman. So I made a batch tonight.

Thank you @glutenfreegirl for your posted recommendation. Can't wait to start reading! 🤓#thesouth #thecookinggene #michaelwtwitty #reading #culinaryjourney #theoldsouth

It's like I've waited my entire life for this Masterpiece. #thecookinggene has Finally made it to Australia!
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I picked this book up expecting to learn a lot about southern cooking. That I did indeed, but it's 416 pages should have clued me into the fact that I was about to learn so much more than just a specific type of cuisine. Twitty takes you through unspoken US history, that of slavery, and of the food his ancestors carried through the different forced labors they survived. From rice, to tobacco and corn, and taking many side journeys, he gives voice to this cuisine that was birthed in Africa and brought here unwillingly, but as a way to keep an unbroken chain to home.
Twitty is not afraid to call out the racism that exists in the south, but he does it while reminding those he calls out of their relationship; "The old south is where people are far more likely to be related to one another than not. It is where everybody has a Cherokee, a Creek, a Chickasaw, a Seminole, or a Choctaw lurking in their maternal blood lines but nobody knows where the broad noses or big asses come from. It is a place where dark gums and curly hair get chalked up to lost Turks and meandering mystics but Nigeria and Gambia are long forgotten, unlike everything else that is perpetually and unremittingly remembered… The old south is a forgotten little Africa but nobody speaks of it that way. Everything black folks gave to the aristocracy and plain folks became spun gold in the hands of others- from banjos to barbecue to Elvis to rice and cotton know how. Everything we black Southerners kept for ourselves, often the unwanted it dregs and markers of resistance, felt like markers of backwardness, scratches of the uncivilized, Idolatry, and the state of being lost. And yet I love that old south, and loved it fiercely in all her funkiness and dread. To be honest, I never hated white people for their strange relationship to us, their colored kith and kin, but I grew up with the suspicion that they had no clue just how much of us there was in their family trees and stories and bloodlines and on their groaning tables. Maybe if they did, we would know less enmity towards one another."

"It seems to me that our three basic needs, for food and security and love are so mixed and mingled and entwined that we cannot straightly think of one without the others." - #MFKFisher

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