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Arghhh my nemesis... the forward ford!
For someone that has herniated a disc (L5/S1) this was the worst and caused so much pain.
I have been able to get through this with a huge about of work, developing body awareness, learning how to move correctly.
Oh and also because you have abs doesn’t always mean you have a strong core 🤯

Guess who else is coming to Adelaide this year... the main man himself Duncan Peak!!
@yogidunx is the founder of Power Living, all our teachers’ teacher, and an original pioneer of contemporary yoga in Australia. He’s been teaching for over 14 years, has an anatomy background in neurospinology, has completed extensive traditional yoga studies with Georg Feuerstein and practiced raja yoga for nearly 20 years. 🧘🏼‍♂️
He spends his time travelling to teach around the globe and we’re super pumped he’s making his way back to Adelaide! 🙌🏼
In October he’s going to run our first Advanced Vinyasa teacher training, a 3 day immersion with a focus on the spine. All the details on our website now in ‘Events’. Get in quick for this one as numbers will be limited for an intimate group learning experience. 🙏🏼
We’re feeling very blessed to have the world’s leading teachers such as this come and guide our community’s yoga education and practice. Thank you @yogidunx 💙💛
. 📸 @Leeroy.t

#virabhadrasana2 (#warrior2)

A new season, a fresh beginning.

Happy first day of spring! After months of bottling up energy during the winter months, it's finally time to let it out! Celebrating the occasion with a classic warrior 2 pose. In this pose, watch for heel to heel alignment. Arms should be parallel with shoulders relaxed. To challenge yourself, lower yourself further by bending the front knee deeper and widening the stance to maintain heel to heel and knee above ankle alignment!

Gotta love me some #yinyoga! I don't think I had enough props for practice though 😂 oh and if you don't have sandbags in your life, get some... They are freaking magic ✨
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Everything we own stores our energy in it.. sometimes it needs to be released or even better rediscovered.

These clothes reminisce of my life in Melbourne as they soak the midday sun in my childhood backyard.

Yogis we have the beautiful Shauna teaching tonight!
6:30 - 7:30 Level 1 Vinyasa (non heated)
7:45 - 8:45 Yin 🧘🏻‍♀️ 🧘🏻‍♂️ See you tonight
📷 @leeroy.t

It is funny, comparing what you imagine with the reality. While doing this pose, I thought that the curve is really good and if I bent my knees then the feet would touch or be really close to my head. But then when I look at the photo, it’s good but a bit far from what I’ve imagined. 😂😅🤣

Smile. YOU are beautiful.

Asana: Natarajasana | Bound Dancer

Some #familyyoga being done by @6foot8yoga, Gianna and Oreo.
The @giraffeathletic yoga mat is 85" x 36", high-density and high-quality. Available by clicking the link in the photo, on GiraffeAthletic.com and the Amazon link in the bio.

Day 4 of #SpringIntoBalance!
Wearing @lululemon @lululemonmen.
1. Tree Pose ✔️
2. Headstand ✔️
3. Sugar Cane ✔️
4. Crow Pose ✔️
5. Standing Splits 
6. Warrior Poses 
7. Peacock 
8. Standing hand to foot pose
9. Tiger Pose
10. Handstand or handstand prep 
11. Kapinjalasana 
12. Eight Angle Pose
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"We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection." The Dalai Lama
Lets check in. How full is your love cup w/ human affection? Empty? Overflowing? How much are you able to give others rn? Are you allowing yourself to be worthy of receiving affection back, or are you subconsciously blocking it at times? How about for your partner, friends, loved ones, and/or kids??
As a giver, I often times find myself giving too much without receiving the same in return, and then catch myself feeling empty or burned out. And honestly, often times it’s my own fault bc of not setting strong enough boundaries or simply asking for what I need. That’s my work.
So I need to check in often and ask myself how full my love cup is, bc when my love cup is full, I am at my best, and able to give my best ❤️.
So put yourself first, fill up your cup, and then spread that love to all the amazing humans you can— friends, family, partners, kids, and even including strangers on the street or in line at the grocery store- they may need it more than we know. ✨
Massive shoutout to all you epic parents like @carliebess_ & her angel Hallie ☝️ who are raising a new generation filled to the brim w/ love, respect & human affection. Last time I was on Kauai we recorded a song together at Carlie’s with Hallie & @plantifulsoul, and it was the sweetest to reunite :) Claire and I have another one coming for you soon! 😊 ALOHA

Rise and shine 🌏! Have you tried rock climbing to tame the monkey mind?
Climbing can be one of the greatest practices to experience the clarity of meditation. It can be a place where one lives in a powerful state of presence, thoughtlessness, and focus. When a person is hundreds of feet up in the air, gripping the rock, unsure where to go or what comes next…. thinking about anything but that moment is simply not an option. Emotions or fear may attempt to creep through, but the awareness watches, learns, and allows it pass with the next move, the next breath, ascending a little bit higher on the rock, and within oneself.
Rock climbing can be a powerfully transformational form of Yoga. Yoga literally means union. It is not about the physical postures, but about moving within and experiencing oneness between the physical, mental, and spiritual. It is finding the flow that pulsates within us, and all of creation. In climbing, one may quickly experience this unity of mind, body, breath – allowing all aspects to work together in a perfect harmony. If one does not experience this at first, climbing puts each of our obstacles in front of us in a very raw, real way so that we may see them, clear them, and move through them. We have the chance to get outside in nature and experience the beauty of the earth. * * *

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Broga tonight was a big success!
Honestly, every class is successful when the students show up and give 100%, everyone is beaming, and there's an unspoken connection between everyone. It what's makes the practice beautiful.
Thank you to everyone who made it and shared his/her practice with me!

#yoga #asana #yogalife #yogalove #yogi #yogadudes #menofyoga #yogaeverydamnday #chinstand #inversion #locustpose #viparitasalabhasana #meditation #namaste #practice


Good morning with a yoga pose which can awaken your energy and purify your mind state. ☀️☀️🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♂️ #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #kingofcamel #boysofyoga #menofyoga #yogaaddict #hongkong #tsimtsatsui

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