In this picture there is an ear tag still attached to the cows skin! 💔There is a victim behind every leather product you buy. Are you wearing 969? Stop animal abuse go vegan #vegan #veganeasy #leather #tannery #cow #steak #animals #animallovers #meatthevictims #notanumber #melbournecowsave #savemovementaustralia #savemovement #animalliberation #animalsctivist #animalphotos #animalphotography

Maybe its time to stop asking "why go vegan" and start asking "why not"
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The media response to vegan activism... We’re at a point where social media holds power, and the influence of mainstream media is declining. All it takes is an internet connection, and a message, to reach millions.

The media response to vegan activism is often negative. But, theirs is not the only response reaching people’s eyes, ears, and hearts. We don’t just get information from papers and the news, it’s also from blogs, videos, live-streams, podcasts, images, documentaries, and more.

We can’t stop the media criticism, manipulation, and false reporting. What we can do, is make our voices more powerful, in response.

Powerful doesn’t mean aggressive or hateful. Powerful can mean empathetic, compassionate, impactful, curious, determined, and perseverant.

There’s always room for improvement, with all interaction. If we’re not coping mentally, or our message is being consistently misunderstood, it’s always worth asking ourselves if there’s something WE can do to improve. Growth is good, especially for activists.
To my mind, the worst thing we can do is let the opinions of others silence us. Nonviolent civil disobedience (like the QLD action yesterday) has always been criticized. But we must not let that stop us.

This is Sarabi a cow rescued from a Melbourne slaughterhouse and is now living a happy and healthy life at a local animal sanctuary. #cowspiracy #cows #melbournecowsave #savemovement #freedom

You’ve seen the movie (Dominion Documentary), you know the truth, you can’t sit back and do nothing now!

Please join us at the biggest Animal Rights March in the history of Australia!

We have a massive amount of interstate groups flying in for this March and this will be BIG!! You don’t want to miss this! Invite ALL your friends and family!
The animals need you there 💪

The march will launch 6 months of coordinated actions aimed at systematically tearing down the walls that, until now, have hidden the greatest injustice in human history.
NOW is the time to take action.
- INVITE all your friends throughout Australia - SHARE this event across your networks
- BRING along a person who has never before been to a march

FB Event - https://www.facebook.com/events/164832517476038/?ti=icl

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On those days when our outlook is bleakest, and our energy reserves are at their lowest, there’s one place we can always draw strength.

Vegan activists - I’m looking at you 🌟

Sometimes we feel alone, and isolated from our family and friends. It can feel like we’re fighting this fight by ourselves - a task too great for one person.

But we’re not just one person. There’s tens of thousands of us, all over the world. Right now, someone is fighting for animals. 🐾 People are protesting, marching, demonstrating, chalking, leafleting, or petitioning. 🐾 They’re bearing witness or compiling images and videos to share with the world. 🐾 They’re rescuing animals and giving them a loving home. 🐾 They’re having the tough conversations with friends and strangers. 🐾 They’re showing the world how easy it is to live vegan.
In moments of sorrow, hopelessness, or resignation, please remember: YOU AREN’T ALONE.
We may be scattered across the globe, but we are all in this together. Our actions inspire others, and they continue to inspire us. There’s no action too big or too small. As long as we embody the justice and compassion we seek from others, it’s our combined efforts that will have the greatest impact on the world. 📸 Big Easter Rally @melbournecowsave @melbournechickensave

Here I am at the Big Easter Rally held in Melbourne city on Saturday by Melb Cow & Chicken Save groups.

I feel an incredible sense of urgency to end the enslavement, torture and slaughter of precious animals.

If you think there's nothing you can do, there is !! Join a group, share recipes, write letters, sign petitions. It just takes one. And collectively we can rise up and end it!! Photo credit: Bree

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The Big Easter Rally co- hosted by Melbourne Cow Save and Melbourne Chicken Save! #wewillrisetogether #veganactivist #bekindtoallkinds #melbournecowsave #melbournchickensave

Activism with my number one fan who never complains, who is tirelessly dragged from one save event to another and still looks at me with utter adoration :-)
She knows that we are there for the animals and is so happy to be involved in the movement and to spread awareness for our furry, feathered and scaly friends!
#activism #melbourne #melbournecowsave #melbournechickensave #vegan #puppylove #friendsnotfood #veganfortheanimals #veganforlove #veganforhealth #choosekindness💕

Doing our bit today! Light bit of very friendly vegan activism. #anonymousforthevoiceless

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers — so many caring people in this world.” — Fred Rogers

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