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What's your favorite Vader moment?

God Bless Will Smith for saving him he became a great Jedi Master.

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I'm calling it it'll tie into the Jabba The Hutt Movie & Han Solo anthology if this show actually comes out.

I wouldn't of minded Jennifer Lawrence playing Rey she was bad ass in The Hunger Games.
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Hmmm is Finn a Skywalker??
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Kenobi the biggest troll or greatest lol??? (Via : @starwarsparody_501)

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Who do you want me to do facts about next?

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If he and mother talzin teamed up I think with her magic they could've definitely done some damage, but what do you guys think do you think he could've ever ruled the galaxy?


You know it's getting real when Star Wars is getting its own theme park.

Pick One?

Old Republic still isn't canon, but there was a war between the Jedi and Sith over 1,000 years before TCW in canon.
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The Battle of Bothawui was a major military engagement in 3671 BBY, during the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. The battle was a turning point in the decade-old war, and a major boost to a Republic on the verge of collapse.
In that year, the Sith set their sights on the Mid Rim world of Bothawui, a Republic-aligned world. It received the attention of the entire Republic Navy, attention that foiled the Empire's first attempt at seizing the planet. As they prepared yet another invasion of Bothawui, a majority of the world's Republic defenders left the planet. The only remaining forces were a relatively small contingent of Jedi Knights and Republic soldiers placed under the command of Jedi Master Belth Allusis.

A short time after the departure of the Republic Navy, a massive fleet of the Imperial Navy descended upon the planet, intending to bombard it from orbit. Due to a strong planetary shield, the orbital strike failed. Under the command of the Imperial Grand Moff Zellos, the Sith's army landed on the planet and initiated an attack against the shield generator. Despite facing overwhelming odds, Master Allusis's small force of Republic defenders held their ground for days, killing numerous Imperial soldiers. By numbers alone, the Republic's defeat was inevitable, and the defenders' numbers gradually dwindled to only a few dozen. In a bold last stand, Allusis and his troops fought the Imperials at the base of the generator, killing scores of enemies before being slain themselves, an act that earned them galactic renown as the "Heroes of Bothawui". Despite the annihilation of the defenders, the Empire found itself unable to destroy the shield and hold Bothawui, as its assault force had been largely decimated. As a result of the battle, the Empire halted its incursions into the Mid Rim, and the Sith Emperor was forced to reexamine his strategy. Despite the loss of all the Republic forces on Bothawui, the story of Bothawui's defenders and their determined fight against the Empire inspired many across the Republic, giving birth to new tactics and a new resolve to continue waging the war.
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I look sad because I miss my sister who went back to school!!!

God Bless Will Smith for saving him he became a great Jedi Master.

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