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🎡THANK YOU for the outpouring of love! I appreciate EVERY call, text, post and message I've received (I tried answering them all)! I'm looking forward to sharing the adventures the next turn around the axis will bring with all of my nearest and dearest! Love you Kids! Cheers & blessings! 🎡#MayFlowers #MayoVienteSeite

Life goes..... up and down.. up and down... up and down.. #bomrang #justlikethat #mayflowers

The garden blooms this year are definitely the up side to all this rain we've had! #davidaustin #mayflowers

Missing #colorado already! #Honeymoon with the brand new #wife! A beautiful snowy day in May! #mayflowers #hiking

🇺🇸ALL A BLOOM on this Memorial Day🇺🇸 Thankful for those who served to give us our daily freedoms we take for granted all too often! #memorialday #mayflowers

My R&D unit (aka Mum) has brought me these rather lovely dusky pink verbascum. I think these are a keeper. #researchanddevelopment #britishflowers #mayflowers

"😒What do you mean children eat first?" 🤵🏾💍👰🏾 #theFLOWERSwedding #mayflowers #forgetthesekids #imhungrytoo

but im great.
photo by @mke_ghost
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I am a little late in posting this, as the Hawthorn flowers are beginning to fade, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to chat about this magical plant which has become one of my favourite herbal allies.

Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) has a long history of use as a medicine of the heart. Traditionally it was used to treat ailments of the heart, and modern research supports its efficacy in cardiovascular health. It is often used in herbal medicine to treat cases of hypotension (high blood pressure), angina, Raynaud’s, atherosclerosis, as well as mild congestive heart failure.

Among many things, Hawthorn is:
Cardiotonic – helps to increase heart contractions and strength, as well as regulate heart beat.
Cardioprotective and Antioxidant - reduces inflammation in the cardiovascular system, helping to protect blood vessels from oxidative damage.
Hypotensive and a Vasodilator – helps to reduce blood pressure by reducing rigidity and tension in the blood vessels and allowing blood to flow more freely through the body.

Being a calming nervine tonic as well, Hawthorn is great for those who experience sensory overload and emotional overwhelm, helping to bring sensory stimulation down to a more manageable level.

Not only is it helpful for the physical heart, but it is supportive for the emotional heart as well. Especially in the case of sadness and grief, Hawthorn helps to sooth heart pain and sadness and lends you courage, strength, and protection during difficult times.

Here I have both a tincture and a glycerite of Hawthorn flowers, which I picked and made back in May. The tincture I use when I am looking for the stronger physical actions of the plant, but recently I have found the glycerite to be amazing when using it for emotional support. The sweetness of the glycerite lends a very nourishing and uplifting quality to an already amazing heart remedy.

As with all serious health conditions, please speak to your herbalist before trying any new herbal formulas.

#herbalmedicine #plantmedicine #phytotherapy #tincture #glycerite #heartherb #hawthorne #crataegus #mayflowers #wildharvest #heartmedicine #victoriahealth #fernwood #yyj

Mayflowers in progress. A real learning curve each time I attempt a new subject but I'm all about pushing myself. #novascotiaflowers #mayflowers #flowers #acrylicpainting #instaart #painteveryday

Our May Flowers tee looks so nice dressed up or down 😍 And it's sooo crazy comfy. Shop the look through the link in our bio! #BeDashing #WeAreHabdash

Strange flower, I don't know it's name either, but I find it fascinating.

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