I have really been reflecting on dogma, ego, and pride amoungst some of the spiritual community. I recently opened myself up to communicating with kindred spirits on Instagram and I give thanks for the gems I've found. I do however notice there are some who believe they are the select few; especially chosen by Source. I found the answer in the book that fell off my shelf the other day; The Course In Miracles. Jesus brings clarity to “Many are called, but few are chosen.”. Another quote that can be misinterpreted and used to justify the ego's desire to be especially chosen and handed down psychic abilities. Jesus clarifies "All are called, few choose to listen". We can all tune into spirit, we just have to learn how to use the radio. 💜#kindfulness #acourseinmiracles #matthew2214 #kjb #equalityinspirit

Good morning!
This is so true I can’t seem to fit in with all kinds of cliques. I tried to be a friend to many but for some reason I just knew that they really didn’t care for me. A while ago I discovered this when Briana was in elementary school. All the moms got along great but there was something in me that didn’t seem to fit in with them. Later it started with relatives, and unfortunately even with some of my good friends. It’s so hard to go through the fire of God and people don’t want no part of you. The hardest part is knowing that your child is the same as you and doesn’t fit in with being popular in school. It’s not because we think we are better or antisocial, it’s because the things that people care about we don’t seem to enjoy because it’s not in our DNA anymore. I hope someone understands what I mean because I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. When God chooses us, it changes everything!!! Or at least it should because we were created to be the difference not to fit in. 📖 “For many are called (invited, summoned), but few are chosen.””
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Blessed Sunday!✝️ Remember Luvs, many are called but few are chosen! - ✨Matthew 20:16 ✨
I hope this good word from these Gorgeous 😍 little angels helps set the tone for the rest of your week!!! 💛💜♥️
God Bless You 😘🙏🏾

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TBD - It's true when they say many are called but few are chosen. Accepting the call and knowing that this road is not the most popular one to be in. But, the reward is not compatible to anything in this world. That in itself makes you special in so many ways. You get to see His purpose in your life more clearly. I realized I was born for this, and now I truly understand with more certainty what it is to serve you. Thank you Lord God for all that you do for us☝🙌 #friendship #relationship #promisekeeper #matthew2214 #unconditionallove #provision #thegreatiam #nonegreater #matthew71314

ALERT: Don’t swipe if you don’t like feet or tattoos. 😂
I choose nail polish colors by their names. Everything is symbolic to me and names mean a lot. I got my nails done on Saturday and chose a new color, “Relentless Ruby”, for my toes because it made me think of Proverbs 31:10. I have already been doing my fingernails in “Perfect Pearl” for a couple months now.
Yesterday, I was sitting outside, by the tropical jungle in my backyard, when the sun hit my toes and my mom said, “wow, your toes shine bright like rubies”. Mission accomplished. Thanks @opinailsuk for making nail polish colors that are true to their names. There are so many to choose from it is hard to pick, but with names like that I know I will find what I’m looking for.
And if you’re wondering, the verse on my foot is...
For many are called, but few are chosen. Matthew 22:14

I call it the Marine verse...”many are called, few are chosen”
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Many are called, only a few are chosen -

I am walking in my calling on SUNDAY and I am soooooooooo EXCITED!!! To God Be The Glory!!! When it seems impossible, when it seems like all hope is lost, when it seems like everyone is against you, don’t fret!!! Wait on God to show up and show out!!! He’ll do just what He said!!! Keep Moving Forward knowing that ALL Things work together for Good to them who LOVE God and who are the called according to His PURPOSE!!! Lord, I thank you!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 You receive all the glory!!! #WhenSundayComes #Resilience #Dance #Peace #proverbs31woman #Born2Perform #NoWeapon #PraiseHimInDance #Ministry #Phil413 #Psalm23 #Chosen #Matthew2214 #JoshuaGeneration #Praise #Gratitude #Healed #Whole #Refined #ToGodBeTheGlory #Purpose #Called #Anointed #Testimony #GodsLeadingLady #askseekknock #blessed #Grateful #NewSeason #WhollyHoly

For many are called, but few are chosen. Matthew 22:14

Take this verse literal. C'mon, let's take it from the physical realm, we are all called to do something, but our answer to accept or not determines if we will get the job done.
Example: You apply for many jobs, but realistically you were not chosen for all because you're not ready and the person hiring needs someone who is up to training and being committed.
It's the same thing with God. We are called to do something for God, but it is up to us to accept the calling or not. We can get many prophesies over our lives, but are we accepting the calling? Are we ready to sacrifice everything to stick with the calling on our lives?

God never changes the calling. The person can change.
Don't get me wrong, if God needs you, he will take. It is what it is. He is God.

I personally can tell you, with this writing/blogging and taking pictures, I had to go through the motions to get stronger. A lot of you know how long I've said, oh I'll have this blog posted. I certainly wanted to do it, but I needed confirmation to make sure I was on the right path, I put a pause on it because I did not want to mislead those who encounter the blog and pay the price of another man's life. I was in such a down time, I had fear of the future, and on top of that, I was battling with sin. But I am happy that God picked me up. If I had not gone through the motions, I may have ended up doing the wrong thing and followed the crowd.
I paid the price to finish my blog within a matter of two days, at least it's enough to get started on what God wants to do. I'll pay any price to do God's will. Are you?
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For many are called, but few are chosen.
Matthew 22:14

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Even on days like this, I’m shown how to smile🦋 #matthew2214

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