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Kitty 😻 #Pepa

Booth Island: Gentoo penguins guard their chicks atop trampled nests.
The rocky terrain provided some protection against the chilly wind - but not much privacy from the nosy neighbors.

Hi guys! Partnered with @hellolumio. Here is a set of three photos. I would appreciate if you check them all and tell your opinion in comments! Thanks for posing girls @freakingmockingbird & @juliamargaretah. Pic out yours from Hellolumio.com


Because it can’t always be unicorns and rainbows 😆🚦

hold your head and keep marching//watch that black boy fly

The rabbit hole.

Blue skies before the snow🗽

The grey line between selfishness and self-worthiness. Balanced off by levels of self discovery in your life in opening it up and or closing the door in warning lights. Paradox’s that end up splitting an idea I personally could reason both ways. Guts above fear says I’m not dependable on ill intensions because if God is your first no one can really ever take a happy life from you, besides the focus is not to gain from relationships but to walk along side them how ever long He intends and being at peace with letting go in life. Learning. Being. Listening to the fingerprints of the souls entrusted to us.

I think its the hardest part for humans to eliminate the delusions of our perspectives of thinking we know what’s well for our souls. Its a walk in the middle - loving where you are when you are there. Present and yet welcome any unforeseen changes that train us to expand in love. Likewise closed doors are not meant to be kicked open and fear will enforce direction always into the past. A set back. I believe some people might even be better of without your presence. There is power in the word “be still i will fight for you” not an excuse to stay passive but an invitation to focus on Him and allow and trust all that surrounds what i did not control or invite myself is good and there for a reason. Self-made plans are selfish plans and often times they evoke consequences of losing people we shouldn’t and being in places not ideally meant for us. Surrender to my reasoning and measuring it to His word is a wonderful thing in allowing boundaries every relationship can flourish.
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