The law of nature: Do the thing and you shall have the power; but they who do not do the thing have not the power— Dorothea Brande 🏎💨 Maserati MC-12 @sunsetgranturismo

My new YouTube video is now LIVE! During our second day in Monaco we explored the underground car parks in the hope of coming across some supercars. But bumping into this MC12 was very unexpected! Huge thank you to @thomasstonerproductions for making this video possible by taking us to the hidden locations of these car parks 📸 @tomh.p
#liveupload #stillthere #topmarques #topmarquesmonaco

Maserati MC 12 Corsa🚀
#maseratimc12 #mc #maserati #12 #cars #supercars

Maserati Ghibli Q4 S 2015
كاركرد: ٠ كيلومتر
آپشن: فول كامل
تلفن: ٠٩١٢٥١٥١٥٦٣ كيان
٠٩١٢١١١٣٦٢١ وزيرى
آدرس: خ بهشتى،خ قنبرزاده، نبش هويزه

What ever happened to Maserati?
#maseratimerak #drivetastefully

I was very flattered that @rosewoodlondon got in contact to ask if they could use my photo on their website 🙏😀 (Swipe left) #rwjourneys #rosewoodlondon

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