Some v cute little cookies we were asked to make by the lush clothing and footwear brand #mascotte I spotted a BEAUTIFUL pair of blue boots in their window- I wonder if I could trade cookies for boots?! #beesbakery #mascottecollection #mascottecollections

At the @mascotteworld event at @Westfield. Checking out the collections #mascottecollections

Can I have these please ☺️ the perfect ankle boot #mascottecollections

Thank you to all our lovely #mascottecollections guests who joined us last night. We loved seeing your style! Don't forget to show us using #MascotteStyle

Cookies baked just in time for #MascotteCollections. This evening at our @westfieldlondon store!

Join us this evening as we celebrate AW13 with #MascotteCollections. Follow the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter for the most fashionable updates.

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