why is he such a wonderful man

HEY ANGELS! Maryse has become one of my favourite characters on the show and the biggest reason being her growth, we love a proud & supportive mama lightwood! + how gorgeous is she?!😍 she went from being #Malecs biggest hater to their biggest stan😩

I made the real life parallel to the edit @nruparca’s made! Hope you all enjoy, I thought it turned out amazing! Only thing is that the top right one is the best I had to match the other edit! Also I just noticed I mixed up the middle sentence but oh well!


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[confession #38]
agree or disagree?

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"I may have had my prejudices in the past… but seeing you stand by Alec? It’s what every mother wants for her children. Thank you for loving my boy."
- Maryse Lightwood
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“I’m going to check Netflix and see what’s in there to watch tonight,” she answered truthfully and sighed. Being unemployed had a perk or two and she wanted to take advantage of it before she landed her dream job in a few days. Wishful thinking she thought. Better than feeling sorry for herself. “Netflix? Mom, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she heard him say and then another voice in the background responded too. “I do! We should have a series marathon!” Magnus said and she laughed at the intrusion. She was on speaker then, it was good. Magnus had been such a good influence on Alec and all her children and the happiness Alec’s radiated came from him and their relationship. She smiled fondly at him and went to the kitchen. “Why don’t you come then? I’ll make something to eat while you make it here?” She offered and could hear the wheels turning in Alec’s head. ⤵️⤵️⤵️ #derunedwomanff #maryselightwood #lukegarroway #shadowfics #maruke

[how much are you like izzy]
comment what you guys get! hope everyones day is amazing!✨

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[malec x quote]
good night 💛

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Hey guys! 'This Is Us' chapter 4! There is a little twist at the end😏I hope you enjoy it! #transmagnus #transgender #bisexual #ThisIsUsFanfic #malec #magnusbane #aleclightwood #maxlightwoodbane #rafaellightwoodbane #isabellelightwood #simonlewis #claryfray #jaceherondale #asmodeus #maryselightwood #lukegurroway #saveshadowhunters #notourlasthunt _

This Is Us: Chapter 4💙

They panted as they both came from their highs. Magnus smiled, rotating his hips before sitting up. He then smirked, tightening himself around Alec.
Alec growled, gripping Magnus' hips "Unless you want round two, I suggest you stop"
"Well I wouldn't mind round two..." Magnus smirked.
"I wouldn't mind that either but it's already 11:00 and I have things planned for us today" Alec sat up, wrapping his arms around Magnus' waist.
"Oh you do?" Magnus asked.
Alec smirked "Yeah I do...by the way...Happy Anniversary Magnus"
Magnus blushed slightly "Happy Anniversary Alexander"
"Thats the best morning sex I've ever had" Alec grinned as he pecked one of Magnus' sensitive spots on his neck.
"Yeah-OH!" Magnus gasped as Alec made his way off the bed with him still in Alec's arms.
"Alexander wait!" Magnus urgently said.
Alec looked at him worried "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?"
Magnus shook his head "Of course not"
"Then what's wrong?" Alec asked.
Magnus blushed before leaning in towards his ear "You're still in me"
Alec look confused but realization soon hit his face and he sat down. Magnus got the hint and slowly rose off of Alec. He then bit his lip and held out his hand to Alec who took and pulled him into the bathroom.
Magnus pulled him into a heated kiss and rubbed at his shaft. "Morning sex and now bathroom sex...This anniversary will truly be something." Alec smirked as Magnus pulled him into the shower.
Look's like round 2 was a go!

They both got out the shower and  got dressed. Magnus wore skinny jeans with a nice flower sequenced shirt. He had light purple and blue eyeshadow with a pink eyeliner. Alec wore a nice black buttoned down shirt with black jeans. Magnus looked over his outfit and smiled.

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