Bristol half marathon off the tick list, went pretty smoothly surprisingly #bristolhalfmarathon #runtingz #bristol #fitness #marathon #wet #sunsout #2hours #13miles #21k

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. T.S Eliot⠀

Sunday means long run day! 16.4km in 1:26 all in Zone 2! Felt like I could have run another 5 easy! ⠀
Didn't manage to do my recovery run yesterday so broke my run streak but hey ho it wasn't an official goal. Which brings me back to goals and how important they are. Now it wasn't important for me to maintain a streak but what is important is arriving as race ready as possible on November 11th. So while running today I set some new goals. ⠀
1. Lose 3kgs and 5% body fat by 11.11.18⠀
2. Get at least 7 hours sleep per night for the next week.⠀
3. Eat no crisps, chocolate or ice cream drink no cola for next 7 weeks.⠀

The first and third fit together. Goal 2 is only for one week so a micro goal. Why? Well although I want to do that for ever I thought it best to start with a week as so far I have failed to achieve it.⠀

It's always important to have a big major goal. But small short term goals are more important as they are the stepping stones to success. "Easier" to achieve and great motivators. ⠀
What I'm saying is don't put too much pressure on yourself to achieve the big goal as it could become to hard and all consuming leading you to give up.⠀

So have fun, train hard, train smart, stay awesome»⠀

Great sunday post from @jamie_runnalot_ion 🙏🏼⠀


Marathon Touraine Loire Valley
#marathon #tours #touraineloirevalley #running

266:365 | Rutland Marathon 2018

PART 1 - 75ish miles - 9000ish ft ascent - Cotswolds

Yesterday I set off from the start line of the Cotswold Way Century, 102 miles if you get all the way. I'll say straight I didn't make it 😂 but my goal was never to put pressure on myself and to just try and enjoy as much of the journey and adventure as I could.

The Cotswolds are a beautiful place but for the majority of those 23 hours I was on the way path the weather was brutal! It's all part of the experience of these events however it takes away some of the enjoyment factor!

Through the first 2 checkpoints I felt great and it was a great surprise when I saw Tori and Caitlin standing at the 27 mile checkpoint at Aggs Hill. They had rescued me by bringing some food I'd left in the fridge before leaving the house 😬 we eat a lot during an ultra 😋

From checkpoint 2 to checkpoint 3 at 39 miles I was still moving well as the sun disappeared, the night set in and the torches came out.

Night time running has it's challenges and is something I'm not overly experienced at. So I took it steady but made sure I kept moving to keep warm as the temperature dropped and it had been raining solidly all day.

I arrived at Painswick at mile 47 at around midnight which was a great as the checkpoint was indoors and I took advantage of the hospitality of the volunteers and topped into some chilli and had a cuppa.

Miles 47 to the next checkpoint at 58 miles was a very demanding stretch, a thick mist descended onto the route as it is mostly a wooded section. Visibility was only a few feet and the torch beAm just bounced back at you 😱 there were some very iffy moments.

I arrived at the checkpoint at 58 miles feeling very drained but in good spirits eveb though that stretch had taken a very long time. It helped I spent a lot of time in those miles talking to another runner named Rhys as not much running could be done.😤 #ukrunchat #ultramarathon #ultrarunning#trailrunning #fitness #running #bootcamp #diet#exercise #5k #10k #halfmarathon #marathon#gym #health  #motivation #weightloss #workout#training #strength #marathontraining #marathon  #cardio #pt #personaltrainer #coach #coaching#coventry

Quando um aluno atinge o seu objetivo, vence uma prova ou melhora suas marcas eu me sinto lá junto com eles! Cada conquista deles eu sei que participei de uma pequena parte. E isso pra mim é mais importante que qualquer pódio. Parabéns @andreluisdurval RP batido com louvor na sua 4a maratona em 2018! Seus resultados são do tamanho da sua dedicação nos treinos #maratona #maratonabuenosaires #42k #marathon #run #running #runner #runners #corrida #corridaderua #corredor #corredores #workhard #gohardorgohome #setafaciltaerrado #evoluirsempre #personalbrunopestana

Cheers to sunsets.

Ухххх, ну и денёк сегодня выдался!!!
Был ответственным Тим-лидером сразу на двух точках: 1) Выпускали кластеры на 10 км, затем ребятки базировались в зоне финиша, выдавали Марафонцам накидки, дабы те не застудились. 2) Всё в той же зоне финиша выдавали вкусняшки!
Погода в самом начале немножечко так подпортила настроение, но ввиду крутейшей атмосферы, удалось всё поправить!
Рад был встретить @paulkryssanov , @peresedov.vladimir и @gorsvet1503 .
Многих не удалось увидеть ввиду высокой занятости на позиции (((
Я искренне благодарю всех моих волонтерчиков и каждого по отдельности за то, что не сломились перед погодой ,выдержали все тяготы дождя,ветра, нескончаемого потока бегунов! Без преувеличения, на вас сейчас смотрят и гордятся абсолютно все! - и организаторы , и бегуны и все-все-все!!!
Считаю, что праздник удался !!! Огромное всем СПА-СИ-БО!!!❤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
P.S. у нас самая высокая явка волонтёров! Вы- чудо! Благодарствую!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Hoy salio 42k!!
#running #marathon

First run since the Berlin Marathon 😁. An easy like a Sunday morning 5km 😀
The rehab starts now! Spoke to a physio and he reckons it's my calf rather than Achilles causing the problem. So I've got a number of calf strengthening and loading exercises to do. He's advised that I can run as long as I'm not in agony!
I'll be taking part in the cross country league in October so hopefully I would have sorted my calf out by then!.
Happy Sunday everyone! 😊

Love where this thing takes me.

Lochness Marathon // No Mexican is limited✌🏼 - so thankful for all the support, finding Nessie and finally getting my first marathon done. 26.2 Unreal
#lochness #lochnessmarathon #scotland #running #strava #legggggo #sundayrunday #firstmarathon #marathon #gameday #nikerunning #camelbak #parley #adidasboost #raceday #trainningcomplete #ijustflippedaswitch #nessie #lochnessmarathon2018

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