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Finde das Easter Egg 😁

@ed.emrich.art + @iam.serena | DM to submit #thetaxcollection | music: 'genesis' by Justice

"Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other" ☕️

There’s a really amazing view behind me...and I’m blocking it... sorry about that 😏#Day41 #100DaysOfFitness

When the sun starts to set and the #NewYorkCity lights start to turn on. One of my favourite times of the day 🌇. On Thursday we had a mini Hawaii reunion as the awesome @chelseakauai arrived in town. Myself, @nainoalanger, @masha.photo & @leder_man met up with Chelsea at my favourite #NYC spot...#TopOfTheRock. The weather hadn't been great throughout the day but wow did we get lucky for sunset. At around 6:30pm the colours blossomed in the sky. A range of oranges, yellows, pinks and purples scattered across the city skyline. It was one of those nights where the sunset appeared from nowhere, always awesome when you get a nice surprise like that. I've done the #RockefellerCenter a few times for sunset but this was hands down the best showing from the sky! If you are visiting #Manhattan and have the option of either the #EmpireStateBuilding or Top of The Rock, 💯% always go with the rock! So many more photo opps 🙌🏽. Enjoy the weekend guys @beautifuldestinations #beautifuldestinations #bdteam.


Lovin' the city life, but only for the weekend. #NYC #Manhattan #bigcity #almost18!

I moved house a few months ago and now the summer is over I thought I'd check out my roof garden (I have been making a feature film!)..... it's not so bad! And now I'm wildly depressed about it all. .
#myhouse #nyc #rooftops #parkslope #brooklyn #manhattan #skylines #ladyliberty #statueofliberty #freedomtower #sunset #nycliving #falltime #blues

#repost from @oldmanebro - Steph like... "Is he dumb or old or both? I already declined the invitation."

The "leader" of the free world has resorted to insulting athletes, calling certain players' mothers "bitches," instead of addressing the underlying issues that causes them to protest in the first place. The "leader" has decided to villify people instead of using his influence to right the wrongs the people are protesting, and truly MAGA for everyone. This latest issue happened at a "rally" for a Senate candidate who supposedly stands for ethics and morality. If you look into Trump's history (if you're from the NYC area, you already know about him), you know that he's not the guy his followers and supporters thinks he is (which is why he likes to label media what opposes him or fake media). He is a conman. He is not a "stand up" guy and he's not a guy to support nor follow. I remember last year how he attacked Obama and called him a divisive leader, yet Trump has become arguably the most divisive US presidents in recent memory - he has ticked off everyone; the left, the right, dems, repubs, women, men, gay straight, vets, blacks, whites, nearly every Asian nationality (except Russians 🙄) - you name it.

Pics and quotes like the ones above may be funny, but the fact of the matter is that Trump is not going to MAGA, but lead America into even more chaos. He's not the guy to rally around because he's not a real leader, but is a con man drunk from and thirsty for more money and power. #goodfellagames

Cant get enough of this unusually warm, breezy night in the city 🌅✨ #theprettycities #ig_nycity #brooklyn #nyc

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