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"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."
Never sell yourself short, never settle- aim high and soar. You can have it all- don't let anyone convince you otherwise.
I had to do one more "fallen" Pose because I wasn't ready for this one to end yet! 😩 So here's a fallen locust pose in celebration of Hump Day! 😘💜🍑
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Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving from SF! Hope you all have a scrumptious day filled with plenty of love and laughter 🦃♥️🙏

PS: thank you all for the recommendations of things to do and places to eat in SF! Hoping to get to at least some of them!
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📸: by @z_khawaja 💓

I am beyond grateful for the blessings I have received in my life. The minute I decided I was worthy of good things the abundance came flooding in. Lessons came too, and for those I am even more grateful. Through them I found my voice and now I have the honor of passing along what I have learned to my students. If you are free tomorrow morning come and share the attitude of gratitude with me at @highenergyfusionyoga at 10AM for our fourth annual Detox Before the Retox class. Class is always only $5.00. 😘😘 📸 @gabriella.dondero

Teacher training is finished and I’m already hopping from one airport to another finding my way to home. In the meantime while waiting for the flights just playing on my mat and waiting the time to pass 🧘‍♀️Living in a dream yoga bubble for 2 months has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had and still dont know how am I going to get used to our normal life 🐣one thing I am really looking forward is that once I reach home I will prepare some of the new exotic tea I brought from India, put warm PJ’s and spend literally whole day in bed catching up with the new season of #strangerthings 🤗😍 #yogateacher #loveyoga #yogisofig#namaste  #yogajourney#igyogacommunity #yogini#benddontbreak #ashtanga #yogajunkie#yogafun #yogadaily #yogacommunity#iloveyoga #yogalooksgood #yogalover#crazysexyyoga#practiceyogachangeyourworld#yogamotivation #yogaposes#yogaeveryday #igyoga #igyogachallenge#padmasana #yogabalance#makingshapes

How would you like it to win your entire Alo wish list / $1000 at @aloyoga ?? Too good to be true, right? 😍😍 Well, here's your chance!! All you need to do to enter is to upload a video post (not a story) of yourself onto your IG, mentioning the @aloyoga Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, and telling them why you should win their ultimate #AloWishList.
Participants will also be required to:
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The campaign will run from Wednesday, November 22 – Saturday November 25, ending at 11:59pmPST
GOOD LUCK!!! 👍🏻🍀❤

Накануне Черной Пятницы решила поделиться фотками наших красоток, чтобы вы понимали как леггинсы Pink Lotus 🌸 выглядят в деле 😉😍✨🙌 #тонкийнамек

PS Найду всех, кто ставит тег #PinkLotusMe под фотками в леггинсах, и опубликую на своей страничке 😎♥️

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The more you love your decisions, the less you need to convince other people to love them.
|| Paulo Coelho
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I think of my best friend and know hag she is the person who will be there for me, even when I can’t be here for myself.. who will cheer me to my greatest heights and who will console me when I’ve fallen down. She will stand up for me and lie down beside me,. She will forgive me when I’ve hurt her and will, occasionally, bite her tongue when she could have easily said “I told you so”. She will always be the sister to my soul, the friend of my heart ❤️ @msamberbright
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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!
For day 5 #Fall4Hips we are exploring lizard pose. So many variations for this one.

Милые привет, готовьтесь завтра #blackfriday скидки до 60% , а что бы не пропустить такое бомбическое событие мы советуем вам , подписаться на наши обновления , кто не знает как это сделать, напишите. , мы пришлем вам инструкцию ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥всем хорошего четверга 🙏🏻💥

Sooo what do you guys think of the @aloyoga drama going on?
I thought the self love code was of poor taste even before @yoga_girl went on a rant, but a poor marketing campaign is not enough to make me boycott a brand.
However, the serious allegations Rachel mentioned in her stories are, but I can’t find anything about it online.
I will also add that it is true that their pants fit mostly skinny women- I am a size 4 and I fit comfortably in their Medium and large size of goddess leggings.
Moreover, Alo’s response (see second picture) embodies a self-centered attitude that’s utterly anti-yogic. The “season of giving” is meant to do exactly that: forget about yourself for once, remember to be grateful for what you have, and extend the generosity to those who are less lucky or in need 🤦‍♀️

Posting a little late( WiFi $$ are sky high on a ship 🚢... so we waited it out a little .. however good we got it because I forgot I have a course starting I am teaching online 🤪) .... .
The theme this week is love 💕 and gratitude 🙏🏾 ... I could write my own epistle ☺️..... My Earth day Birthday 🎂 , Solar Return was yesterday and I turned 65 ! ...
. .
. 65 is a serious milestone 😉.. one that has me reflect back as well as look forward to all that I have been blessed with and have experienced.... And all that is to come . So love to me comes with every breath I take and will take all blessings given from@ above 🙏🏾 Thank you all who took the time to acknowledge & “celebrate” with me ...
Love my #tutucrew ..
For my #tututuesdayasana Tribe ! ..
#TutuTribe Chiefs : @mermaidfit_ @team_whisenhunt @latebloominglotus @queenjanette 🚺.... tagging my tutu -loving friends to join in .. .
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#ChappelleRomeTA2017 #travelisthebestteacher #meemadoesyoga2017 #NCLStar2017 ...y

‼️ Черная пятница не обошла нас стороной! 🤑

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Акция действует до 23:59 24 ноября! Это максимальная скидка, и делаю я ее только один раз в году! 😎🙌 Всем крутых леггинс!!! ✌️

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Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving from SF! Hope you all have a scrumptious day filled with plenty of love and laughter 🦃♥️🙏

PS: thank you all for the recommendations of things to do and places to eat in SF! Hoping to get to at least some of them!
Wearing: @aloyoga
📸: by @z_khawaja 💓

#YogaPawz is a 10 day pets challenge going through various animal asanas! My dog loves looking at people upside down lol. .
🐾Thank you ❤️ Hosts & Sponsor : @benditlikebay @awesomebodyrevolution @omniyogagirl @yogineo | @yogapaws @nuxactive @onzie 🐾
Day 1: Downward Dog ☑️
Day 2: Cat.Cow ☑️
Day 3: Upward Dog ☑️
Day 4: Frog
Day 5: Yogis Choice-Blooper
Day 6: Camel
Day 7: Eagle
Day 8: Pigeon
Day 9: Crow
DAY 10: Yogis Choice-Blooper ❤️#lovechallenges #dogyoga #yogaassistant #makingshapes #dogmom #furbaby #getcreative #yogadaily #beginneryoga #homeyogapractice #keepingitsimple #feelinggood #morningyoga #happythanksgiving #vegetarian #instachallenge

#lizardpose for Day 4 #LoveThruYourHips 🦎🍃💚 I like to extend my front leg for more #hipopener #hamstringstretch but like Marina said, so many fun #lizardposevariation poses 🦎🍃💚

Thanks to our always inspiring hostesses:

And our amazing sponsors:

Our line up:
1. Seated hip opener
(half/lotus, cow face, butterfly) ✔️
2. 3 legged dog ✔️
3. Half Splits ✔️
4. Runners Lunge/Lizard pose ✔️
5. Frog pose
6. Wide Leg Forward Fold
7. Half Pigeon
8. Compass Pose
9. Standing Splits
10. Extended Hand to Big Toe
11. Splits
12. Hurdlers pose / EPK
13. Inversion Stag Legs
14. Inversion Splits Legs

My rad leggings from @yogini_line_ 💚 For 15% OFF use my code NATSYOGA at checkout at YoginiLine.com 😘


What's your favorite location to stop, drop, and yoga? We love @joannamyoga's poolside spot

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