Somebody thinks she’s a hunter because she found a baby bunny. #maggie #littlebigdog #vizsla #vizslagram #vizslasofinstagram

My sweetie pie 😻 #maggie #catsofinstagram #cats #sleepykitty

Josie’s nickname is Peach for some reason. Does anybody else have weird nicknames for their dogs?

💛a Yellow Labrador Retriever
💛Named after Indiana Lucas
( George Lucas’ Dog who Chewbacca was created after and who Indiana Jones was named after, reference the line at the end of The Last Crusader: ‘You’re not Indiana! That was the Dog’s name! )
💛Nicknames: Boy, Baby Boy, Princess, Maggie’s Personal Chew Toy, White Boy, Doug(DOOOOOG), Precious, Mister Doog, Mister, Jackass, Indiana Bones, Whip Boy, The Kracken, Toasted Marshmellow, Dork, Etc.
💛Adopted from: @labrescuefresno in 2012
💛Aged: 7 years old but 49 years young dogwise
💛Loves the red light or chew toys
💛Loves Mom’s- who are we kidding, it’s basically his bed in his mind
💛Loves the fireplace and laying by it even when he’s panting 😂
💛Scared of Guns, Water, The Dark- etc- He had bad puppyhood experiences
💙Maggie May:
💙Disclaimer: She doesn’t bite humans- just Indy or toys or objects which she wants to get your attention with
💙Blue Queensland Heeler
💙Named By Mario(Dad) - owner of M A GOMEZ Concrete.
💙Nicknames: Baby Girl, Little (Wittle), Rodent, Baby, My Baby, Roadkill/ Roadrat, Crazy Bitch, Indy’s Personal tormentor, Annoying, Tasmanian Devil, etc
💙Adopted From: @tanyalynna in 2017
💙Aged: About 1
💙The only one in her- pack? Litter? OF HER SIBLINGS that still has her tail 💙💙 And we
💙Loves to play ball & her favorite toy aside from the ball is her teddy bear named Baby Bear
💙 If humans won’t play ball with her, she will throw the ball for myself and chase it
💙She wants to always be with her brother
💙She love to kiss and gets in trouble for it cause no one likes it on their feet or at random...
💙She loves to look out windows in the house and in the car

I like the car and I like my sissy... I don’t like when my sissy interrupts MY CAR RIDE NAPS TO TAKE A PICTURE OF ME FOR @rhi.online ‘S FB AHH -💛🐾
I cant help how cute you are boyyy- @ashtynofficial

Please don’t fart on me... -💛🐾
No promises-💙🐾
They smell like 🐟 though... -💛🐾
Ha Ha-💙🐾

Maggie 🍲

Location - Maggie point ,raiya chowk ,rajkot
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Sissy says I’m always smiling and that my facial expressions are the best... 😬😃
She also took this for my dog mom’s mom @tanyalynna 💕

Hi 🐾
Can I come in and have treats and lovies please?-🌻💛

my couple 💕💕

Enjoying the sun with these amazing pups #Murphy #Maggie #dogmom #puppies

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