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My Favorite @southwiretools ! * No dykes/snips comments please 😂👍🏻 Works on the same principle as the Roto-Split "Super& #34; but accepts 1/2" and 3/4" Trade Size Flex and large size MC/AC/BX from 2/4 to 4/2
RF-120A requires no adjustment after initial setting - the patented quick clamp lever does it all! Best of all the cable pops out automatically as soon as a cut is completed.
Unique patented offset clamping provides no fuss side loading.
Make cuts in tight quarters! Simply ratchet the handle back & forth when you're in a tight spot.
Quickly change the blade with only an adjustable wrench thanks to an easy to reach hex nut
Self-tightening blade system and ergonomic crank handle with offset for maximum hand clearance
Blade storage cartridge in knob with storage for 6 blades.
Order Roto-Split model RS-101AL with blade for aluminum casing
Handsome die cast epoxy enameled body. Overall a tool oozing with quality and smart engineering. 100% made in America
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because hers and hers + hers do not look like mine, i dismissed mine
not to long ago i STOPPED IT + took it back
exchanging it for the truth found in the gospel
come to find out the gospel isn’t only walking an aisle once and accepting jesus as my savior from spending hell in eternity but a daily table full of every kind of nourishment imaginable
i can pull up a chair and eat with jesus in an ever enlarging intimate relationship + as i chew and swallow the sacrifice anytime i want -
i have been soaking in living words that breathe life into me like the conversation jeremiah had with God in chapter one
it is time to embrace once and for all YOU - in all of your weirdness embracing your own awkward. -
i am learning He made me awkward when He crafted me in heaven + a bit weird 🌿
i’ve always been this way but i gave permission to the lies that it was a flaw and
it in turn caused me to hide and shut up. i lost much of my life to this one lie #wordsmatterHOB -
there has been so much inner healing + that continues but what i call my “ weirdness”
introverted awkwardness remains
i am now kinda digging it, why? because Papa
was pleased to make me this way and why in the world do i want to say that i don’t like it?
i am learning it is my weaknesses that He often uses to bring attention to Himself
no more! i stopped it! the enemy does not win. he loses!
now i am learning + understanding that it is a gift
it is where i speak from. it is where papa + i live together in relationship
i am learning it is the enemy undermining my identity
pulling me into self-introspection to try to “ fix myself “ from being awkward or weird
all those years! -
looking inward to fix only led me to a gnawing emptiness
i am learning to take a bite out of the gospel whenever + however many times necessary
digesting it. feasting on it. all you need is there. in jesus.
he didn’t miss one...NOT ONE of our sins. -
he provided once + for all all that was missing so that we could enjoy a meal unlike any other. not just once a year or only at a church service
today is your day to stop. it is never to late🌿

My 🍼 was empty couldn't keep up with @sinister_z07 🤧 #fastestscatupfront 🤓#readyfortakeoff✈️


My car, Blu and I were in another TV acting scene together. If this keeps happening, I will have to get Blu a resume and headshots, and maybe even an agent too! #mycar #faithfulfriend #tvcars #selfieduo #quickselfie #madeinamerica #selfieonset #onset

#Repost @odin_works 👈👊🔫
Just a little O2 Lite shop porn for your Tuesday afternoon. 👀👌🏻#odinworks #madeinamerica #o2lite #forend #shopporn #industrypartners #AZWS

Pick your poison. Which is your go-to? 🤔

Reclamation Etchwork revives the tradition of the elegant at-home bar with their upcycled glass decanters. Each individual decanter is made from a salvaged bottle which is then laser etched with a permanent label for the spirit of your choice. Reclamation Etchworks coordinates a community effort amongst the dining industry elite in San Francisco to reduce waste at a local level by salvaging empty glass bottles to amass their inventory. Great looking and functional gift for your gift bags this wedding season! Check it out at https://madeclose.com/producers/reclamation-etchworks/constance-style-engraved-glass-decanter

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Active comfort / casual / authentic #TeamG apparel @teamg

Happy travels! #wigwamsocks

Beyond grateful for this amazing opportunity provided by @workshopsforwarriors to train for a new career path. What they are providing here; the level of hands on training and knowledgeable instructors is second to none, giving us a quality skill set to advance us both professionally and personally. Wish I found this years ago cause it has definitely given me a renewed sense of purpose!

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Available // Sparrow Vintage Axe // 2 1/4 lb. true temper flint edge head // 28" overall length, hickory with distressed finish // DM if interested.

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