Sei mit den kleinen Erfolgen die Du machst zufrieden!! ❌
Oft machen wir den Fehler, dass wir viel zu ungeduldig sind & sofort das große Ganze haben möchten - das zu bekommen, beansprucht aber mehr Zeit & Kraft & wir geben zu früh auf obwohl wir auf dem richtigen Weg sind × #kopfsache .
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Two weeks after starting my bulk currently weighing 88kg.

I luv Christmas and all but I'm definitely not a winter person, bring on summer ☀

What r u looking at?

A lion never loses sleep over the opinions of a sheep 🦁👊
🎧 2WEI / Survivor

I've got that lightnin' inside me
Son of a God
I'm like a titan that's risin'
Oh just you watch
This how legends are made 🎧 Sam Tinnesz / Legends Are Made 🌿🌿🌿


I belong on an island drinking water and eating a variety of fruits ✨

Me watching how karma fucked you up 💃

The lighting in my room is honestly unreal you guys 🌞
🎧Sevdaliza / Voodoov

I'm just in a place where the bullshit cannot exist 🌅 🎧 Ben Howard / Oats In The Water

I just drank coffee to wake myself up so now I'm vibrating at every frequency, I can hear god, I can see thru space and time lol 👦☕
🎧Banks / Fuck With Myself

Won't wave my white flag no
Oh, I won't go down slow
I'd rather die
Than give up the fight 👊
🎧 Bishop Briggs / White Flag

People will be like " you're not same person I used to know" well I'm not same person. I've grown 🐲🦁💪
Growing, maturing may result in lost friends and fewer social events but it's ok to sacrifice for personal growth.
Some of u shold try it 😊

Every time I leave home I remember how much of an illusion time is. Life passes you by so fast. If u got the option travel. 🎧 Radiohead / Exit

Let me see you sexercize
Come on baby
bounce, bounce🎶

Skills include growing a beard and getting a tan someone hire me plz 🌴

Go with no plan. Go with not sure. Go with the 'oops.' Go with 'oh fuck.' And go with pride. Grab a front seat and enjoy the ride...
🚴 🐎✈🕊🏃🚂
🎧 Edith Piaf / Non, Je ne regrette rien

Rumors are true
I'm actually Ocean's 9 😜

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