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The Macedonian Cross is the most unique cross in Europe. — Македонскиот Крст е најкуникатниот крст во Европа, најден во 1085 година во монастир во Струмица а потоа и во многу други македонски цркви. ————————- •🇲🇰 #Christianity #Europe
The cross was first displayed in the "Holy Mother of God" church in Veljusa Monastery near Strumica. It is known that the church was built in 1085 AD. The cross has been painted on the facade of the church. At the beginning, this cross was associated with the monastery and Strumica Region, but later it became a well known symbol of the Church of Macedonia.
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The cross itself has four equal-length arms, which are budded and interlocked together representing the everlasting love of God.
The central square can represent the four corners of the world, to which the Gospel must be proclaimed.
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Its ubiquitousness has earned its place on table medals awarded by the Macedonian Orthodox Church.
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“I just feel like heaven and hell are a place that’s inside each of us and we’re the ones who choose which one to explore. I mean, like, you know, I think you have to have both to have an understanding of why they exist. Shit wouldn’t be balanced if we didn’t have hell. I don’t think you’d be able to appreciate how amazing it feels to sit on a rooftop with all your friends as you’re watching the sunset listening to your favorite Lorde song if you didn’t want to kill yourself sometimes. You know and I think we’re all like, you know, a step away from both. I feel like both universes are so near to us. I don’t really think that heaven is all the way up at the top of whatever all of this is, and that hell is all the way down at the bottom. I think it’s all right here in front of us. I think they layer onto our realities like filters on an Instagram image. We see our lives through heaven and hell, and I think we always have a say in which one we can choose. You know because, even when your life is dog shit, heaven is just as close as it was before. You don’t really get further away from it, you just lose the ability to take notice of it, I guess. But I know how you feel, man. I feel like God is really quiet sometimes in my stupid life. But I still know that it’s all still right there in front of my face. It’s not really a matter of looking or searching, it’s a matter of seeing things for what they are. It’s all so much closer to you than you think it is. It’s all just a breath away.”

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