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Though crowd this one. Presenting MaGIC Sarawak overview for MKD does give chills up my spine.. Above all, upkeeping this space for the community! 🤘😎🤙 #MaGICSarawak #coworking

The people that hack the magic to everyone today ! #MaGICSarawak #hackwkndkch

Sunday visit to @borneo.744 & #MaGICSarawak

We visited Malaysian Global Innovation Creativity Centre (MaGIC) Sarawak branch in Kuching today. We were briefed by MaGIC staff with lots of opportunities offered by them there to help all sort of start-up initiatives & even for NGO like us. Looking forward for our collaboration with MaGIC to conduct our regular training events in the future. COMING SOON!

Hustle mode is ON. Getting together to discuss great ideas 💡 Thanks for sharing these photos @sashaningkan ✔️ #magicsarawak #borneo744

#planettrainingacademy at #magicsarawak thank @charyprocity for hosting our brainstorming

Join Adam Ham, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Global Creative & Media Agency (GCMA) tomorrow for his community sharing session “PR & Media Strategy For Entrepreneurs” at MaGIC Sarawak.

Click here for more event information: https://goo.gl/yzWPRk

#MaGICSarawak #AdamHam #CommunitySharing

Home in #Kuching for a few meetings, events and State Government Labs towards #digitaleconomy. #Borneo744 #MaGICSarawak #work

A lil' something @borneo.744 for @borneofashionweek2017 Day1! Still stoked for Day2 and Day3!! #borneo744 #bfw17 #magicsarawak


Though crowd this one. Presenting MaGIC Sarawak overview for MKD does give chills up my spine.. Above all, upkeeping this space for the community! 🤘😎🤙 #MaGICSarawak #coworking

One heck of an awesome day today with visits from Hasanah Foundation, followed by Iskandar Investment & Feng Lim, on co-working space benchmarking, Khazanah, MBOSI, Quest Ventures (the first VC to step foot in MaGIC Sarawak - plenty more to come!), Ruia Ahmadzada(USA) - winner of WIEF IdeaPad, more new friends from the startup scene, and ends with MOCA Fest at BCCK - all from one forum, the 13th World Islamic Economic Forum.

Imagine it was World Economic Forum(WEF) instead, I dare not to imagine. #13thWIEF #WIEF #BCCK #MaGICSarawak #venturecapital #vc #startups #entrepreneurs #mocafest #sarawak

MaGICians were all over the country participating in these events this weekend!

Over in Cyberjaya, our Chairman, Tan Sri Dr. Irwan Serigar Abdullah, together with team MaGIC participated in the Cyberview Golf 2017. This year also marked the 8th year Cyberview organised the annual golf event.

MaGIC Sarawak hosted a UX/UI and Technopreneurship workshop by Mac Jake - held in conjunction with the AZAM Youth Central event. MaGIC Sarawak team was also part of a panel discussion titled ‘Adapting to Change and Riding on Trends in the 4.0 Era’ during AYCLive @ Borneo744.

In Sabah, we took part in Lean In Talk Show 2017 for Session 1: My Child, My Inspiration. The talk presented inspirational stories of ordinary people and successful Sabahan public figures.

Over in Penang, MaGIC Academy partnered with Google DevFest + GDay (a community building, learning event about Google technologies) to organise a program called 'Deep Learning Introduction'. Last but not least, MaGIC team and program alumni were also part of Startup Weekend events where people came to pitch, get ideas and even create prototypes over in Melaka, Penang and Kuching this week.

#MaGICCyberjaya #CyberviewGolf2017 #AZAMSarawak #GDG #DevFest #LeanSabah #MaGICSarawak #WeekendRecap

Ma homies (geng rambut panjang) for the day @ #AYClive #MaGICSarawak #gendaibu #cosplay
Photo credit to @drucemirol arigato, sensei 🙏

@amirinarsyan nailed it flawlessly.. That my friend, is what Community is all about. And how you play your role in the Industry 4.0.. 💪💪 #AYClive @magic_cyberjaya #MaGICsarawak

Courtesy visit to Sarawak Tourism Board to discuss on potential partnership and above all, to develop Tourism Industry through innovation & creativity. Some of the topics are co-working space activation, block chain & crypto currency.. #MaGICSarawak #TEGASdigital #ilovekch #coworking #innovatesarawak #sarawaktourism #tourism #digitalnomad #blockchain #bejalai #remoteyear @sarawaktourism @sarawaktourismborneo @tegasdigital @magic_cyberjaya @ilovekchmy

Hello everyone!

Our Founder will be speaking on how to Grow, Protect and Commercialise your Intellectual Property this coming 30th November 2017 at MaGIC Sarawak.
Do come and learn more on how to commercialise your intangible assets and make more money out of your creativity.
#innovateSarawak #intelectualproperty #commercialization #sarawakcommunity #trademark #patent #industrialdesign #magicsarawak #borneo744

Awesome weekend for the MaGICians!

On Friday, we were honoured to have Terry Jones, Founder of Travelocity for a Road to GEC sharing session titled ‘Disruptive Technologies - The Fuel for Innovative New Business Models’ in MaGIC Cyberjaya. The sharing session was held in collaboration with the US embassy and we’re also honoured to have the US Ambassador to Malaysia, Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir, present at the event.
On the same day, our CEO, Ashran received a visit from 20 UKM MBA students - where he also shared insights on entrepreneurship & innovation ecosystem. While at MaGIC Sarawak, we ran the ‘Community Safety Awareness Campaign’ sharing session by Elsa Ahmad Mulana - a trainer in safety awareness especially on matters relating to Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC). We hosted yet another successful DevCon Meetup #3 at MaGIC Cyberjaya on Saturday and lastly, MaGICians also participated in the Cyberjaya Community Football Tournament 2017 at TSI Sport Arena.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

#MaGICCyberjaya #RtGEC #GECommunity2017 #MaGICSarawak #DevCon #WeekendRecap

A special visit for future partnership with Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce led by Tan Sri Datuk Tiong Su Kuok right before their visit to our Deputy Chief Minister, YB Datuk Amar Awang Tengah. These fine gentlemen estimated nett worth millions if not Billions!

#MaGICSarawak #SCCC

#planettrainingacademy at #magicsarawak thank @charyprocity for hosting our brainstorming

When: 11 November 2017 (Saturday)
Where: MaGIC Sarawak @ B744

Join this half-day session on Health and Safety knowledge by Elsa Ahmad Mulana at MaGIC Sarawak on 11 November. .
The session will walk you through: .
- The types of danger, hazard and risk .
- Safety & health tips . - Tips on how to prevent fire .
- Learn on fire safety and community responsibility towards safety and awareness .
This sharing session will give a good grounding in the basics of health and safety law, procedures and practice.

Register to join this session: https://goo.gl/Trt2UE .
Who should attend: Parents, Community Builder, Institution Leaders, Managers, Human Resource Executives, Safety and Health Committee Members, Startups, Students, Entrepreneurs, Emergency Response Team Members, Practitioners of SHO, OHD, OHN, IHT, CHRA, Safety Executives, Personnel Security Executives and interested individuals


It has been a pretty good weekend for us participating in these programs:

At the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) in Putrajaya on Friday, MaGIC partnered with the Ministry and TEKUN for a program called ‘IMPACT Program Mikro Keusahawanan’ (Micro-Entreprise). This program also saw participation of IDEs under the #MaGICIDEA program who were there to share their experience and introduce their business to the program participants.

Across the sea in Sarawak, MaGIC Sarawak Co-Working Space helped to organize the Sarawak Digital Economy ‘Teh Tarik’ Session and our team is also part of the Ekspresi Negaraku roadshow in Sarawak.

At the Commomwealth Youth Summit, MaGIC collaborated with the UNDP and Civil Society Regional Youth Team to raise awareness on Impact Driven Entreprises at the event held at the Lim Kok Wing Campus in Cyberjaya.

Last but not least, our management team organized a meeting in Melaka where the team discussed the way forward and future planning for the organization.

#MaGICIDEA #IMPACT #MaGICSarawak #MaGICCyberjaya #Entrepreneurship #EkspresiNegaraku

Done with our first 'Community Capacity Building' with Greater AZAM!! Thank you guys for participating, especially to the keen ears and our "imported" speakers, @ar.mohd @khairooladzelan & @dhaniealex !! #MaGICsarawak #ilktech #codelab #myventures #azamsarawak #sdi

Special visit today by Michael Lu and Audrey for an inspiring session with Adam Ham, CEO of Global Creative & Media Agency (GCMA) at #MaGICsarawak #PR #Media #entrepreneurs #kr8tifexpress #GCMA #ilovekch #ilktech

Join Adam Ham, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Global Creative & Media Agency (GCMA) tomorrow for his community sharing session “PR & Media Strategy For Entrepreneurs” at MaGIC Sarawak.

Click here for more event information: https://goo.gl/yzWPRk

#MaGICSarawak #AdamHam #CommunitySharing

MaGICians had a productive weekend with activities that took place throughout the country.

In both MaGIC Cyberjaya and MaGIC Sarawak, we had our monthy Grill or Chill (GoC) sessions where startups showcased their products and received live feedback from experts. Also held at the Cyberjaya Co-Working Space was the DIY Video Marketing sharing session ”From Zero to Hero: Production # 2”, where participants were exposed to trends, tips and video marketing guidelines from our guest speaker, Haikal Fadzil.

At MaGIC Sarawak, we hosted the NTRTXT Debate Crashcourse and the MaGIC Sarawak team was also part of the annual gathering of ‘Hari Belia Peringkat Sarawak’ in Betong.

Last but not least, our team was also present in Bentong, Pahang where we participated in the ‘Sehari Bersama Usahawan Muda Bentong’ held at the Pusat Komuniti Maju Bentong. At the event, Wan Dazriq, our Strategic Initiative Manager, shared the overview of MaGIC IDEA and IMPACT initiatives with entrepreneurs. Our team there was also honored to receive Y.Bhg Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai at our booth at the event.

#MaGICCyberjaya #MaGICSarawak #GoC #HariBelia #VideoMarketing #INTRTXTKDL #MaGICiDEA #IMPACT #Betong #Bentong

Fresh from the oven! @hazwanrazak gik da bau CM.. #chumbaka #hackwkndkch #innovatesarawak #tegas #magicsarawak
Photo credit to Cikgu @awangku.merali , COO TEGAS

My first Co-working Alliance Malaysia (CAM) meeting went well I supposed. #movingforward #CAM #mymagic #coworking #Malaysia #magicsarawak

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