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Put a bird on it... Or 5. Padre Island National Seashore, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Good evening, everyone! Last weekend's 'My So-Called Weekend Project' theme was 'raw.' Here are the highlights of the #MSCWraw tag listed in order!: @imelda @shardrix @jenn1602 @i_heart_batpig @kittenfc @cosmopolitician @repinsk @nicholewithanh @marlonrivers @mickmcc @candicitabonita @myriamtx1 @mrsyoku @anngeedee @kupcakekatiei @kae_aw. We hope everyone had fun participating and look forward to next weekend! Everyone make sure to visit their feeds and say hello. InstagramHTX is about the community and we'd like Igers in Houston to get to know a little more about each other. Thanks again to every who participated:)

Small towns depress me. #joplinmissouri mysocalledweekend #MSCWraw #nofilter

Plastic bottle chewed up by a sea turtle. :(

No Dogs Allowed cc @gettago

Kids make friends so easily #mscwRAW #mysocalledweekend

Not sure what those Luster boys think of the ping pong antics of @14eleven and @lil_miss @alexluster #mysocalledweekend #mscwraw

And the sunsets on a great day. Happy Mothers Day to my wonderful mum @jeancarlen

Try and keep me inside. #mysocalledweekend #mscwraw #nofilter

My mom and Nellie.

Lucha Libre at the 2012 Art Car Parade. Taken with the native iPhone camera and cropped in Instagram. No filter or Lux. For the #mysocalledweekend #MSCWraw project. #igershtx #instagramhtx #igershouston