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this is chicago

what's your city
visit sociallydriven.mbusa.com to share your city #MBsociallydriven #paidendorser

Now that you've seen how @RidingShotgunLA and @lusttforlife experience LA — it's your turn. Share your version of your city by tagging a photo with #MBsociallydriven.

It's no secret that I ♥️ NY. So I teamed up w/ @insidehook x @mbusa to take you for a ride thru its best spots to dance, dine, shop, sweat... you name it! Check out the link in my bio for the full read 👀 #MBsociallydriven #GLCCoupe #ad

#ad. Craft coffee. Art. Architecture. I rediscovered a little more of L.A., thanks to Olivia Lopez (@lusttforlife) and @mbusa. Watch me in #MBsociallydriven with the #GLCCoupe

You can take the girl out of NY, but you can't take NY out of the woman! Share your city! And tag #MBSociallyDriven #sponsored #newyorknewyork

While many travel photographers spend alot of their time on the road, there is something special about the place we call home. This is Denver, the Mile High City...a place I called home for many years.

Visit sociallydriven.mbusa.com to share your favorite experiences of your own city!

#MBsociallydriven #paidendorser

To help launch the all-new GLC Coupe, a vehicle built with the city in mind, we created our Socially Driven Instagram integration, which allows people to share their own interpretation of their city and then explore others. Check it out at sociallydriven.mbusa.com. #mbsociallydriven

People always ask me, I'm going to Miami for a few days what can I do? Here's my version of exploring Miami in one day! Start your day early and go to Wynwood, 1 - Have some Coffee @miamcafe and have some Donuts from @thesaltydonut 2 - Enjoy the art around you and take some amazing pics, 3- Drive to Miami Beach and enjoy the view and 4 - End your day with a late Brunch @bakehousesobe 💕Now show me yours! Share how you see your city and tag #MBsociallydriven #ad #sponsored

High speed, vibrant energy and never ending rush, that's Chelsea for me, how about you? #newyork! #MBsociallydriven #ad


Keeping hydrated and cool with @h2rose and @mbusa #topdown #h2rose #MBsociallydriven

Been driving @mercedesbenz so much that I'm starting to style my outfits to their awesome colors. What do you think?
#mercedesbenz #mbsociallydriven #mbusa 📷 @rossanavanoni

I'm ready for my next road trip. Got the top down, my hat and weekender bag at hand. 📷 @rossanavanoni .
#mercedesbenz #MBsociallydriven #douglaslagos #mbusa #michaelstarsman

EATing my way around #NYC Breakfast, Lunch, and Dessert. #MBsociallydriven #ad NOTE: old images, I'm not currently in NY.

Literally, when your favorite ride shows up in the morning to pick you up and you weren't expecting it 🤤😍🙉 special thanks to @mercedesbenzmx for the coolest ride ever✨
Literalmente cuando tu coche favorito pasa por ti en la mañana y NO te lo esperabas 🙉😍 Mil gracias a #MercedesBenzMx por hacer ésta experiencia todavía más especial ✨🙏🏻✨ #SHEsMercedes #31Mujeres
Photo by #dearMom 😍✨

#sxsw2017 starts tomorrow! Enjoy my 9 second #tbt to #atx Wish I had a plate of migas NOW! #MBsociallydriven #ad

9 seconds of Miami. #MBsociallydriven #ad

A little taste of why I ❤️ Chicago! #MBsociallydriven #Chicago #mercedesbenz @mbusa

Apologies in advance. #MBsociallydriven

Sharing my favorite moments of how I experience Miami ☀️ in partnership with @mercedesbenz on the blog!✨ @mbusa #MBsociallydriven #ad #sponsored

In honor of 305 Day this weekend, I'm sharing my Miami. How does your Miami look?

Share how you see your city and tag #MBsociallydriven. #ad #sponsored

Everyone experiences their own city, their own way. Today on the blog (www.WhereINeedtoBe.com) I'm sharing how I see my New York City. #mbsociallydriven #sponsored @mercedesbenz 🗽💚💋

I've only been in LA for a little over a year, but I've fallen pretty hard. The light, the palm trees, the beaches and sunsets! ❤
Visit sociallydriven.mbusa.com to share how you see your city!
#MBsociallydriven #ad #sponsored

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I've always been a beach bum. Every chance I get I'm exploring coves and shores even if I've been there tons of times before. They always inspire me. Using drones has allowed me to see their beauty from a whole new perspective. Here's how I see Orange County. I'd love to see your city! Visit http://sociallydriven.mbusa.com to share yours.

#MBsociallydriven #paidendorser

Just in: Ask Dr. Renee: Socially Driven: Exploring My Chicago

There's no city with flavor like Miami. Here is how I paint a picture of my city.
You can create your own at sociallydriven.mbusa.com, then share your city and tag #MBsociallydriven.


There's my version of New York's Village then there's everyone else's. Share how you see your city. #MBsociallydriven #ad #sponsored

There’s my version of Denver. Then there’s everyone else’s. Visit sociallydriven.mbusa.com to share how you see your city and tag #MBsociallydriven #paidendorser

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