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#loveandtruth #owners Nicholas Shavatt @razorbladechamp and Jeannean Shavatt. That's what #love looks like! Photo cred: @mikestog #whatmakesyouhuman

Had fun creating art with a piece of the family @jmothegreat @dammothegreat @jessicajolia @demopoz @ericbenet #maximizeyour24 #365club #LoveAndTruth
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sharing in the joy of our brother Gyasi and our sister, Naomi. #weddingguests #smilesfordays #loveandtruth

This series from Pastor Eddie is incredible . So much good stuff!
Favorite quote:
Take your time ...just don't take all the time!! Dream Again
Dreams require change
Ruth 1: 6-10

1. Dreams begin with pain
A. Pain awakens us
B. Pain defines us (gves us a new perspective)
C. Pain provokes us

2. Dreams need fresh perspective
A. Dreams help us to see past the moment
B. Dreams help us to realize there is more
C. Dreams help us to believe for better things
3. Dreams necessitate action
A. Until I move nothing happens
B. You're job isn't to accomplish the dream it is to start obeying God
C. Your action determines your outcome
4. Dreams face evaluation
A. What am I trying to achieve?
B. Am I willing to pay the price?
C. After weighing all options what will I do?

5. Dreams require emotion
A. Our emotions either fuel us or drain us
B. Our emotions effect our well being body soul spirit ..you can control your emotions!!
C. Our emotions are manageable
6. Dreams die due to the past
Let go of the past...grab onto future
Make a decision
Make a declaration
Make a determination
#loveandtruth #truth #dreamagain

❤️Tu bhi aaine ki tarah bewafa nikla , jo saamne aaya usi ka ho gaya ❤️ #loveandtruth #lifeissuch

reminders of Love / I know valentine's is past / but these days demand /// #haiku #dontletyourlovegrowcold #decorationsnotexpired #loveandtruth #loveyourpeoplefierce

Rainy days and Mondays can get me down. ☔️Flipping my world upside down helps me see my blind spots. Love comes in many shapes and forms, as do we. Our forms change and often times the shape of love looks nothing like we imagined. The sacred power of love with truth is that it leads us back to heal our deepest fears and transforms us into the most honest version of who we are. #rainydaymondays #transformyourfears #loveandtruth #flipitupsidedown #honoryourself 🌞🌙⭐️☄️📸 @lozlazphotography

@wild_balance touching the sky & grounded in nature in our ultra soft #truthrising raglan 🌾🌊✨ #loveandtruth #beloveapparel #madewithlove #madeinlosangeles


#loveandtruth #cinta #puisi
Cinta dan Kebenaran
Karya : Yoga prabowo

Sanggupkah engkau berseri kembali
Menatap pengkhianatan ini
Tersenyumlah menghibur diri

Saat semua ini berlalu
Dia mulai membisu
Melupakan namaku
Tunjukkan kedunguanku

Sebelum cerita ini mulai musnah
Tertimpa kedustaan dan tanah
Ijinkan aku membuat lantunan puisi
Untukmu yang belum sempat aku miliki

Maafkan diriku yang telah berdusta
Berkata tak ada rasa
Walau hati selalu merintih
Setiap ku ucap kata itu dengan tertatih

Masih ingatkah dirimu
Saat aku murka kepadamu
Walau ku tahu banyak orang memandangmu
Tak sedikit pun ku ragukan itu

Ada alasan yang ingin ku jelaskan saat ini
Meski kau terlanjur membenci
Bahkan kau tak kenal lagi diri ini
Tetap ku sampaikan suara luka ini

Suara kerasmu yang dapat lukai semuanya
Aku coba hentikan dengan penuh paksa
Meski ku tahu apa resikonya
Bukankah lebih baik kau dan semua membenciku
Daripada ku lihat semuanya membencimu

Satu lagi soal bunga
Akulah jawaban sang pengirim tanpa nama
Seorang berlabel pengagum rahasia
Yang belum pernah mengungkapkannya

Terimakasih untuk semuanya
Karena dirimulah ku tahu sebuah cara
Cara mengatur dan memarahi wanita
Yang tak akan ku temukan pada lainnya

Sebab sebelum bertemu denganmu
Aku hanyalah seorang benalu
Yang pintar merayu
Tanpa memikirkan hati yg berakhir tabu

Hari demi hari berlalu
Engkaulah jawabannya untukku
Sebab keburukan masa laluku
Lalu cerminan diriku adalah kamu
Tetapi kenapa harus kamu

Saat ku mengenal cinta sebenarnya
Aku mulai datang dengan apa adanya
Berlaku lajak tanpa fana
Bersikap jujur tanpa rayuan dan hiperbola

Sekali lagi kenapa
Kau tinggalkanku untuknya
Dia yang mirip bayangan masa laluku
Dengan penuh gombalan untukmu
Kau pun tak hiraukan lagi kejujuranku
Dan lebih memilihnya untukmu

Repost from my ace @_juicebeatz .... No matter what's going on around you, NEVER FOLD & StAy A1 😎.... preciate you lettin feature on this 1 my guy 🤘🏽🤘🏽@knoc_beatz you killed this track bro #A1 #NeverFold #NeverFoldRecords #NoNegativity #LoveAndTruth #MaximizeYour24 🌍

Wise words in relationship:
My relationship with myself is the foundation for a healthy relationship with another person.
I won't hold you responsible for my feeling, and I won't take responsibility for yours.
You are safe to have your own experience, and I will love you even when we disagree.
I respect your "no" because that means I can always trust your "yes" is coming from a place of truth.
It's easy for me to trust you, because I see that you honour your needs and you don't sell out.

You know you can count on me to be honest with you because I speak my truth even when it's scary.
#Partnership #LoveandTruth #LoveandTruthTV #consciousrelationship #relationshipgoals

SP the Ghost!!! I grew up on this dudes music. Im glad he speaking that truth #dblock #LOX #Repost @nicksmithglobal with @repostapp
The young you has to take care of the old you 💡
#HealthIsWealth #LoveAndTruth #NoNegativity #MaximizeYour24

The young you has to take care of the old you 💡
#HealthIsWealth #LoveAndTruth #NoNegativity #MaximizeYour24

"Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and fill all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi
We are the answer. We are love, waiting to be free. 3 months teaching yoga and counting. I'm so full. ✨ Thank you to the @305yoga community for showing me a new kind of love. Let's keep growing!
Tues/Thurs 9:30am. Check the schedule for classes I sub. ❤️ #loveandtruth #wearetheanswer #weareone #thislittlelight #letitshine #love #mind #body #spirit #zen #meditate #peace #yoga #nature🍃 #befree #doyou #grateful special love to 📷: @janegetcrunk_ii

Dam this is good!! So true! Thanks @christinecaine #LoveandTruth

To all my friends and family that are clergy and scholars this event is for you. There's lunch included. Mark your calendars to come listen to Rev. Jon Black an ordained itinerate elder of African Methodist Episcopal church in South Carolina. #loveandtruth #ecumenicalcenter

Lamentations 3:21, Colossians 3:1-4 Controlling your thoughts is not easy to do but creating a heavenly mindset will change your outcome. "Complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. ... One person believes he may eat anything, while the weak person eats only vegetables." Feed positive thoughts consistently, I don't know your daily struggles but if there anything like mine, a positive mindset is key to successful day and healing. Stay focus on you. #selfpeaceiskey🦋💕🙏 #positivevibes #believeinyourself #positivemindset #loveandtruth #changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife🙏🏾🦋💚

🙌🏾🙏🏾🦋Wakey,wakey get your prayers on and do what makes you happy. Have a wonderful Tuesday. #betransformedbytherenewingofyourmind #beblessedandbeablessing #believeinyourself #loveandtruth #motivationalquotes #tonygaskinsquotes

Be with someone who loves you more in your vulnerability.

Who invites you and encourages you to be yourself.

Be with someone who takes care of themselves too and shares their heart with you.

Someone who takes responsibility for their emotions and expects the same from you.
Be with someone who wants to hold space for you, but isn't trying to fix you.

Create a partnership where you are both free to have your own experience and learn to move closer together even when you feel like pulling away.

This is how an emotionally mature relationship develops.
#LoveandTruth #consciousrelationships #Partnership

If it were up to me, I'd take lies and hate and turn it into love and truth. If I could only kill a word. #allthefeels #loveandtruth #choosetobekind

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