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I asked my mom when I was 14 to go to EDC...she said no #lookatmenow

18 months ago I was in Fresno happy as hell to be driving this, having to ask a $10/hour shithead permission to leave the halfway house for a couple hours at a time. I'm posting this to remind u shit is never as bad as u make it seem, and as long as you have your health and freedom along as being focused and dedicated you will achieve what you set for yourself. I set realistic goals, hustle hard, treat people right, and am determined to never go back to the lowest point of my life. Today I have multiple nice cars and pick which 1 I want to drive, but I put the time and work in to get where I am. I'm nowhere near where I want to be or even satisfied, still a work in progress. As long as I'm a free man and my family good, I'm straight. If people put the same time into something positive as they do on social media or dickriding the next nigga, there current situation would be different. #wordsofwisdom #encouragement #hustleharder #setgoals #fucksocialmedia #doyou #foryou #seenthebottom #goingtothetop #lookatmenow #gogetter #imnotfinished #fbodymob

When #Facebook reminds you. Celebrating Trudy's baby shower fairly certain that I was not about the baby life!!! Lol! #lookatmenow #knockedup #cupcakes I swear, I am doing everything I swore I'd never do!

I failed physical science in matric. I wasn't accepted into the course I wanted to study in university because my APS points were too low. I was denied the opportunity to study honours because my marks weren't good enough.
Throughout my life "they" always told me that I wasn't smart enough. That I wasn't good enough and I lacked talent.

But look at me now. I failed science, but now I am a scientist 🔬📗. It just shows you how hard work always beats talent. Never ever give up or let other people define who they think you are. 💪❤ You will blossom when you are ready to 🌹🐢 #NerdingItOut 🤓 #WorkHardPrayHarder 😇
#LookAtMeNow 💸🔭

#lookatmenow ..
@lingvinas - Color infection for @roguemagazine by @edwin0_o ! Stylist @jessforan MUAH @rachelowens_mua


In honor of national puppy day I'd like to remind everyone of the many rescue dogs that need saving. Look how far I've come because someone took me into there loving home. #nationalpuppyday #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #westiegram #westitude #dogsrule #laoncloud9 #laanimalrescue #lookatmenow

I was made fun of when I was a little girl because my last name was "MASQUIDA" and My nose was "like a mosquito" Then one day my mom told me "If they call you a mosquito just chase them and take your fingers like your pinching them and just act like a mosquito!!" Or " Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." It actually really worked!! 🤔Those kids stopped calling me a mosquito and they stayed the heck away from me🤣🤣#justathought #themasquidas #childhoodstories #lookatmenow

Este domingo 26 a las 22:00h sacaremos "LOOK AT ME NOW" un videoclip rodado por @d.morato_ y producido por @s.muns estad al loro familia! #LookAtMeNow #ComingSoon #AF #RandomKids

I don't really like to look at pics of myself as a youth because of the horrible beatings.. (since 4 years young) I see pain in my eyes in almost every child pic.. but in retrospect it groomed me to be a strong warrior that resonates in my character now as a adult.. my story is a rather complex one.... this is why I make sure my #1son knows I Love him as his father.. in reality the streets are never worth me being in prison and not being able to raise my son...not ashamed of my story my life which will be documented and put in a book one day.. #lookatmenow #blessed #grateful

I got to speak to a university class today about slam poetry and sharing your truth ✌️ #MovingOnUp #Poetry #SlamPoetry #PoetryShit #LookAtMeNow

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