Oh my gosh, my dream cuddle bed! Can you imagine how cozy this would be?! 😊😊

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Happy Wu-Wednesday to the good people at @nike who aren’t interested in making these shoes for the clan’s 25th... I think the fans should let them know how interested u are in having these drop one mo time.. c’mon @nike “just do it” for the culture.. @kaepernick7 I’m lookin at u Dawn in the urban dept.. have a great day!!! Ha! REPOST IF U AGREE! #nike

Racconterò di quella valigia....
Amica fedele di viaggio, nei miei giorni londinesi..... colei che mi segue e porta con se, ogni piccolo istante di novità.... In ogni sua singola bellezza, non vi sarà mai un racconto, in quel che si tramuta un capolavoro di emozione, ogni qual volta, che con semplicità i suoi occhi osservano, ciò che oggi è il più bel miracolo della VITA.... la voglia inestimabile di non fermarsi mai.... #londra #london #scattorubato #lavaligia #roncato #cappello #totalblack #occhialidior #convers #sole #losguardooltre #lamiapiùgrandefelicità #viaggiare #instaphoto #arrivedercilondra

How very British🇬🇧

London catch ups 😘 #friends #london #instagay


Dakota 'Suspiria' premiere at the 62nd BFI London Film Festival in London last night (October 16 2018). #dakota #dakotajohnson #johnson #suspiria #suspiriamovie #filmfestival #london #62ndbfilondonfilmfestival #londonfilmfestival #londonfilmfestival2018

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♥️ If one wants to create, a chemistry of love and happiness without needing anybody or anything buying anything petit bits and pieces of the Creations Worlds without having to use this or that there is a way there's a Inner technology inner science called Isha shambhavi mahamudra kriya to do that. A way to create a chemistry of blissfullness and harmony happiness within oneself there's a way to create a chemistry of love whereby your happy all the time by one's own nature your own nature where by your happy emotion's chemical is on 24 hours a day where you're you will be happy constantly all the time in yourlife.Simply Be blissful by your own nature that this is the way you are you don't have to make an effort to be best for your natural way of being is joyful and loving and Happiness without the need of another anyone else
🎆#sadhguru -"If you transform mud into food, we call this agriculture. if you make food into flesh and bone, we call this digestion. If you make flesh into mud, we call this cremation. If you can make this Flesh or even a stone or an empty space into a divine possibility that is called consecration"🙏.🐣
❣️🙏🌿⚜️ Please see❣️ YouTube Isha yoga Shambhavi Mahamudra for ultimate ecstasy of life. Please see when you were born you or your body was so small & now you it has become so much or this much; definitely you did you go for a weekly stretching to get it to this size the size that you are at right now isnt it so that you which you refer to as the creator definitely must be or is functioning from within inside of you so you if You want access to that it then please kindly see shambhavi Mahamudra and Isha kriya 🙏.🐣

Muito feliz de estar aqui com vocês @fernandazahos @fla_lion #london ❤️❤️❤️

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