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I always ask myself out.. it's preventing me from breaking down 😂😂😭

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u guys are really fucking annoying ok @realjacksfilms made this as if it was fucking relevant xd

His face says "what do I even do here" (u/haysalpj)

The perfect mimosa is really just Champagne... it's not a secret

@coolest_kid_on_the_block simmer down pupperino


One of my favorite vids...O©

Funny story behind this picture. I want to take a picture of the bird and as I got closer to it afterwards to observe the feathers , it's squacked at me scaring the shit out of me.Taught me a very important lesson comma as much as you may love animals don't get near their personal space. they will squawk at you no matter what dialect and say get the f*** away from me. LMFAO
#lmfao #steerclearofbirds #funny #imdone

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