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This will make you think twice about those waffles and pancakes this morning...

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9am OutdoorFit at the fields!

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Five Spice Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Chinese five spice powder is a blend of ground cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise and peppercorns that can be found in most grocery stores. This warm blend goes especially well with beef and gives the stir fry a complex flavor that is slightly sweet, smoky and earthy. A little bit of five spice powder goes a long way, all you need is a pinch.
1⁄2 pound flank or skirt steak
3 tablespoons wheat-free tamari
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1⁄4 teaspoon Chinese five spice powder
2 teaspoon grated ginger
1 garlic clove, minced
1 head of broccoli, cut in florets and steamed
6 ounces (a few big handfuls) mung bean sprouts
1⁄4 cup finely chopped mint
1⁄4 cup finely chopped cilantro
•Mix together a marinade of tamari, oil, five spice powder, ginger and garlic. •Slice the meat into thin strips. Marinate at least 15 minutes or up to several hours if you have time.
•Heat a sauté pan or wok. Add meat and marinade to the pan and sauté 3–5 minutes, stirring a few times so the meat cooks evenly. •Add broccoli and sauté a few more minutes. •Add mung bean sprouts and remove from heat. •Garnish with fresh herbs.

First meal of the day! I love being fat adapted!
Reach out if you need help getting there!

What’s your morning coffee ritual look like? Mine is 1 scoop of @primalkitchenfoods Collagen Peptides and a slice of @kerrygoldusa unsalted butter! Mmm... delicious! 😍😍😍

It is 10:45am. I have my bulletproof coffee first thing in the morning and hold off eating until I am hungry. Cookies for breakfast! These are amazing, no sugar, no grain, no dairy! Sunday night is ice cream night at my house . Last night we had these cookies, a better choice. Have a fabulous day! #bulletproof #dailymagic

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