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Words will never be able to describe all the emotions that have surround the last week! Swipe to see all the pics! My beautiful daughter @rylie.lynne graduated from high school!!!! I am more than proud of her. She has grown into an amazing creation of Christ. She cares for others, she forgives generously, she seeks the truth and she can be trusted. She possesses qualities that adults cannot attain. God has blessed me with her. Because of her unconditional love, God has shown me His example of love and forgiveness of others and what He expects from us all. #lifelesson from my teenage daughter #iloveyou #youarebeautiful #youareloved #godisgreat #nowyouknow #mommylovesyou #congratulations #classof2017 #iknewyoucoulddoit

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Deep message in this picture.
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Babes! Both of you!! πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜ - @alison.hanna
Today has been so incredible. I've been focusing on the little things in life and today I learned so much. (and met a lot of dogs so thats a huge plus). One of the most important things I realized today was that it's okay to be by yourself. I LOVE being by myself, but when I do something by myself (go for walks, go for coffee, etc) I get anxiety over what people might think about me. As I was walking around Wascana with my dog, I was so happy and it was so peaceful.

Life lessons are so greatβœŒβ˜‰
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|| Be who God meant you to be,
and you will set the world on fire || πŸ”₯πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Kunci Hidup Bahagia.

Jangan lebay, hadapi dan lalui saja.
Kata-kata bijak itu bisa datang dari siapa saja, bahkan dari seorang buruh serabutan.

Dulu mungkin saya mencibir sinis jika membaca berita seperti ini. Sekarang saya melihat dari sudut pandang yang berbeda.

Mungkin karena kaca mata plus yg saya pakai πŸ˜…

Note: potongan berita dari Pos Kota, 6 Mei 2017

#lifelesson #katabijak #hidupitujanganserius #grafology #taraconsulting #assessmentcenter

Yesterday I went to a local farm to pick fresh strawberries. As you can see from my little guy's hands they were super juicy. You should have seen his face...no evidence of his berry sampling! Ha!

Reflecting back on it I am so thankful I am healthy and able to do these little outings with my boys.
This time last summer I had horrible back pain. I had landscaped our entire front and backyard and never thought about my mechanics. I lifted wrong, used a shovel through clay dirt and rocks on one side only (not good for my SI joint) and never used my core as I should have. PT is my profession, I KNEW better but we all get busy and forget. It took me two months to rehab myself back to normal and I missed out on a lot with my kiddos.
Summary: 1. pick fresh berries they are amazing 2. Do your best to lift smart and use your abs so you can enjoy life without back pain.
#truth #beinghonest #expertsgetbackpaintoo
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Sorry I haven't posted in a while instagram fam I've been busy!! How's everyone doing? Is everyone working hard every day go make they're dreams come true? .
Always make it a habit to travel at least once a year, because if you never travel your never going to know that there's a whole other world out there! You'll always be stuck on the same page without the freedom to travel!πŸ™πŸ™‚

Success is the greatest revenge πŸ’―βš‘οΈ

When you realize you create your LIFE with every thought you think & action you take, it gets a lot better. #bossbabe #lifelesson #thegoodlife

As usual, I don't go #golfing without a #lifelesson jumping at me. Confidence can be a good #driver and at the same time an armed robber of opportunities. It depends on how you deploy it.
Nice #teeshot and not so bad second shot on a #par4. I didn't make #greenregulation for 2, though. I ascended the #green at the third shot. Considering my recent putting #wizardry (lolz) and my bae #ping #putter, I grew too much confidence in sinking the 11-footer at worse, at the second #putt. "If #par eludes me, #bogie must not", I said to myself. The putt broke 9inches right, which means I kissed par good-bye. You'd expect that I'd take 9inch putt serious. No. I stroked the putt with one hand and it wasn't my right hand which I'm most good at. The ball rolled towards the cup, but stopped less than an inch into the cup.

I can tell myself that shebi I'm just playing for #fun, but this is how over confidence robs us in life, because we don't treat simple tasks as though they are the hardest. Simple, easy or #sophisticated - #treat them same way - serious.

I was ready to #giveup and throw you out. But you taught me to #keepbelieving. Just like in my life, things are coming to an end. But, just like you, it's making room for new growth. #LifeLesson #VenusFlyTrap #EverythingHappensForAReason #2017 #LessonTaughtByAPlant

I love this! From a fellow consultant, who I greatly admire...
"Sometimes challenges can be devastating. AND I MEAN.... devastating. Leaving you on the floor asking God why you are alive. Addiction. Affairs. Depression. Divorce. Abuse, emotional and physical. Job loss. Major Illness. Crappy insurance... 😏 just throwing that in there. And sometimes challenges can be exciting. A new job. New business. New baby. Your FAITH. Fitness goals. And so on. ⬇️
What we DO with the challenge makes the difference between LIFE and DEATH. And not death in the sense of the grave. Death of you. As a person. If the challenge consumes your LIFE. Then you've been defeated. And you will stay in the defeated death of your life forever and probably take others down with you. If you OWN it. Work through it. Choose to develop the tools necessary to protect yourself. To develop yourself. To overcome the challenge. Then, and only then, even if the challenge was devastating at the time it HIT you, then YOU win. And you can use THAT to help others facing the same things you did. To help guide them through it. Which will bring the LIFE and the light back into you. ❀️
You can do this. I'm believing in you." - Amy Cassidy
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Always play to your strengths πŸ’ͺ🏼

I guess this time I got the Lesson #lifelesson #yesithurts #surroundedbypeoplebutstillalone

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