Happy international yoga day! Did you know that the UN declared it?! 🙌 to the UN! 💫

We often celebrate things like birthdays and special occasions but when it comes to celebrating successes it often gets forgotten. I used to be to be guilty of this, I would often downplay any wins and either get straight back to working on my next goal or get stressed about all the things I hadn’t put done. What I didn’t realise was the huge benefits of acknowledging and celebrating any wins.
Focusing on your successes helps you appreciate all that you have and gives you confidence that you are capable of so much more more. It can help you stay motivated and since your brain releases happy chemicals when you celebrate emotionally you’ll feel happy too.
How and when you celebrate is a personal choice. It doesn’t have to be something huge or expensive sometimes the smallest things can have a positive impact. ...
👇👇Do you celebrate your wins? If you do, how do you like to celebrate? 👇👇
↘️ I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Comment below ↙️
Until next time, Embrace Life & Rock Your Business
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What are you waiting for? You're ideas will drain your energy if you leave them in your head. No better time than now.

Behalte das Gute im Fokus! Denn dein Blick auf die Welt bestimmt was du in dein Leben ziehst💕☀️#gutenmorgen #fokus#einstellung #focus #selbsterfüllendeprophezeiung #behappy #positivevibes #positivethinking #lifecoach #balance4life_heikeshorbaji

Watch till the end...

☝️... And own it 🙌
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The Be You Campaign is taking a road trip. Look forward to see what beautiful connections can be made when we show up just as we are.

Are you somebody who’s trying to constantly feel better? Can you manage negative emotion? How is that affecting your weight loss goals and your physical transformation? Really—are you creating what you want in life and in your body? Physical transformations accelerate when you have the right tools in place, and it might surprise you that my answer isn’t first to dive into some sort of diet and exercise regime.. but instead, build an awareness around how choosing your struggles has had a positive impact. If you’re struggling, I encourage you not to rush into “fixing yourself.” You are not broken. Ask yourself how this moment.. this challenge.. this experience.. how it’s actually so perfect for you, you might be surprised by your answers. Allow yourself to feel more, what’s the worst that can happen? Another feeling? How you think about yourself matters. How you feel about yourself matters. How you experience yourself matters. You just have to decide if you like what you’re creating and from there, be open to gifting yourself something different. #bekindtoyourself #healthcoach #lifecoach #lovability #love #youvegotthis #health #weightloss #urges #selfcare #healthymind #healthylife #houston

Disabilities come in different ways and different levels, but at The Art of Runway we remove the DIS.... It’s all about the abilities. We have expanded our program to individuals with Autism and ADHD. This is our 2nd class! More to come from all of the students because my expectation is very high for them all. NOW DAB
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Since meeting you,
I'm ever less blue.
Yes, it's true;
Eye've fallen for you,

Haha, soz guys, just could. Not. Resist. I am OBSESSED with my fashionable yet functional frames from @baxterblue_ 😍😍😍

Being a solopreneur (read: crazy one woman show) means lotsss of screen time and late nights if I'm honest. Headaches, heavy eyes, stiff neck, and difficulty concentrating were rife for a while. When I heard that these were all symptoms of digital eye strain, I decided to try @baxterblue_ blue light blocking glasses and my goodness what a difference! I literally notice an instant strain when I remove them! And all those niggley symptoms? Gone! 💥 🤓 .

Not to mention, they're pretty damn cute! Thank you, Baxter. I only have eyes for you 😉
. (didn't think I'd let it go that easy, did ya?) 😆

☕️Butter in your coffee for weight loss?? 🤔
Honestly! It works! Although coffee alone possesses a number of scientifically backed benefits, adding butter lends a creamy texture and some important nutrients to your morning brew.
It's not for everyone but I can honestly tell you it feels amazing when you cut out milk and sugar from your diet and allow your gut to heal from permeability and inflammation! I always have so much more energy, feel more alert and have no sugar cravings at lunch!
Here's a few more reasons why buttercoffee (aka #bulletproofcoffee) is good for you;
☕️ Get your Omega 3 Fats
☕️ Vitamin K
☕️ Contains CLA for Weight Loss
☕️ Keeps You Full for Longer
☕️ Can Reduce the Acidic Effects of Coffee
☕️ Increase Energy Levels
☕️ High in Calories and Saturated Fat!!
☕️It's A Better Alternative to Sugar and Whipped Cream with no blood sugar increases, hormone release and blood sugar crashes
Try a #buttercoffee today with #mctoil or #grassfed butter.
Happy Thursday!
Luv Lora xx
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Our real blessings often appear to us in the shape of pains, losses and disappointments; but let us have patience and we soon shall see them in their proper figures.

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