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This fandom acts so dramatic sometimes lmao

Awww so adorable!! Look at baby Ashton and his mommy 💕👑😍💞
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opinions on taylor swift ?

:: always love from my brother @liampayne 🙏🏾 really been missin you bro!! 😩 who've had a chance to catch him killin it on his US promo run?! 👀 the real question is, does he have more fans in the 🇺🇸 or 🇬🇧?! 🤔 #liampayne #liam #entertainmentweekly #iheartradio #jingleball #stripthatdown #quavo #getlow #zedd #bedroomfloor #onedirection #directioner #jaquelknight #choreography #JKEntertainment


My mother already thought I was crazy. But then I recited this. Now she thinks I’m insane.
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If you want to take this please @ me when you post babies xx what are you all doing for Christmas?

I suck at posting sorry I just had a shitty day but I just talked to my dad and I feel a lot better

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I need that colour #FentyBeauty #Rihanna


My hair is a little longer than this rn, I mean I don't regret it but I'm sad my hair was so long and I took me so much time to grow it out ugh

This was a look

Me dolió que subieran una foto tan fetus de 1D💔
#onedirection #louistomlinson #niallhoran #harrystyles #liampayne #zaynmalik #mtv

L.D 11.0
|Dec 25, 1:50 a.m|

I stood on the side of the ring, people yelling as they waved their white tickets in hand. The blonde guy from before jumped into the ring with a mic in hand. "Alright, ladies and dick heads, it's time for the main event. Everyone knows the rules, last man standing and all bets are final." last man standing? The bells rings, Harry comes out and the crowd is going wild from him, he's in a pair of black shorts that stopped above his knees and his hair is pushed back by a bandana.
Harry walk towards one corner, our eyes meet for a second, he winks at me and I smile shaking my head at him. The crowd starts booing, it must be the other guy. "Alright, you know the rules, no cheap shot to groins. First to knock out, wins." Harry's hands moved so fast, it was hard to see where the punches would land. The same for the other guy, but he's all rage and not thought. I winced, Harry fist coming in contact with the other guys jaw making him stumble back. Blood spilled out the corner of his mouth and on to the ring. My eyes closely followed Harry's every move, he looked so passionate at this.
The crowd erupted in cheers and I frowned not sure what was going on until I saw Harry walking towards me sweat dripping down his body, his bottom lip slit along with a few cuts on his face, before I knew it his lips pressed roughly against mine, my hands pressed against his chest as his arms snaked around my waist. "Alright champ, you got all night with her." Harry pulled back but his lips continued brushing against mine, "Come on," His fingers laced with mine pulling me through the crowd until we were out the door and into the locker room, "T-That was amazing," I stuttered, he looked back at me with a cocky smirk. "I figured you'd like that,babe." His shorts dropped to floor and I quickly looked away,"Fare warning next time would be good, Harry." Harry laughed, and I just shook my head at him as a smile crept to my lips.

"please ed, strip that down for me"


This is so sweet!!❤️

#harrystyles #niallhoran #louistomlinson #liampayne #zaynmalik #onedirection

Love those green eyes @coltonlhaynes 😍
#ColtonHaynes #ColtonLHaynes

Literal mood because my mom is making me go to school, and same as my siblings, when I’m genuinely sick. I’ve been feeling weak all day, yet they’re like, “No ones going to be home tomorrow, so you’re going to have to suffer through the day.” like wouldn’t it make sense if I wasn’t feeling good to have me stay home if no one was going to be able to pick me up if I threw up? like... okay, love that logic. but I’m telling myself to push myself through Spanish class as we’re doing a speaking and writing final, and if I feel better, I’ll finish the day, but if not, I’ll go to the nurse and shit and have my brother pick me up before he leaves for work.

Harry falling, so funny 😂

i hope y'all realize one day that celebrities are humans and they're not perfect. we dont really know them and just like EVERYONE, they only show what's best for them to show. i know it's not my place to say this but, dont become too attached to a celebrity, to the point that you dont see past them. to the point where being a fan of them makes you sick and it interfers with your mental health. to the point where you would defend them for something that you know it's not right. no one, NO ONE it's 'too perfect' in this world. not even the ones who act good, not even harry with his 'treat people with kindness' mantra, not even the person i stan (niall). yes, there are good people and because they are good and not perfect, they are going to make mistakes and they'll need to learn from those mistakes because that's how we improve ourselves as human beings. this also applies for your friends and family. put yourself first and then the rest.

So beautiful 😍😭
#qotd what do you like about Christmas?
#aotd everything!

i didn’t post today sorry-e

This is my new favorite pic of him. This is too cute 😣💕
I get to see Liam tomorrow along with a bunch of good artists. Yall I'm excitedd


Bebe. Brooklyn, New York. Twenty four. Momma to two beautiful baby girls, who don’t have a father. Family enthusiast. Coffee addict. Dog enthusiast. Video game enthusiast. Single...pansexual. Kisses both girls and guys.
My story is nothing special. I grew up with my brother and sister. My dreams of becoming a singer came true. I adopted my first baby girl Clare when she was only one, and just gave birth to my Layla who is already two weeks old. I am extremely clingy..loves to talk. Loves attention, loves giving attention. My obsession with Chinese food and memes is a little insane. Want to know more? I love meeting new people. Hit me up, my DM’s are always open. 💖❤️
People I can’t live without —> @unofficialdua @l.cherri_lou.l @fountainedeyes @xsoulful_thoughtsx @thatladstyles @bubba.alexandra.69 @niallhoran.off @fjnnskata.

I’m not American but this is such bullshit, why the fuck would you want the country to pay for individual internet services?? The older generation is so obsessed with getting us to succeed and get jobs and we won’t be able to do that if we have to pay for services to apply for jobs lmao
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my only two moods

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