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This is what we do on Friday mornings🐾🌤 #CoconutChanelPuffs 🐰

When the path reveals itself, follow it ~ Cheryl Strayed
Photo:Stephen Pier

Yesterday, Minus was at her last check 🐶😷 She looked interested on the screen and listened to what the vet told. And lay completely quiet as always 😘The vet scanned everything inside her: heart, kidneys, lungs etc., and took some new blood tests. Minus is not feeling very well, but nothing seems to be wrong with her 😘 Conclusion: She's just getting old, and because of her overweight, she breathes a lot, and does not have much energy 😘 (She weighs 10,9 kg, Oskar and Mille both 7,5 kg). And her eyes (sight) has become bad too 👀😳 His advice to us was: Don't change anything but live as usual, and accept that she is just getting old, and will not be here forever 😘❤️ Well, we will put her on a small diet, and do anything for her, to make sure she is happy 🐶❤️
27. Maj 2017

Sliding in your DM's like 😏 #HelloItsMe🙈🙉


E olha quem já tá acordado essa hora, chateado porque não vai sair!!!! 🐶🐾#lhasaapso #maedecachorro

Cuddle time ❤️🐶🐶
#dog #lhasaapso #crazydoglady #baby #childsubstitute

Dizem que minha raça curte um frio, porém "puxei" minha mamaezinea, sou bem friorenta, só durmo de pijama e no pelego, bem quentinha e de guarda do meu "portal". #friorenta #granola #lhasaapso #casinha

MONTY se rozhodl, že celé sobotní dopoledne stráví u přehrady, prý je tu moc hezky, no ... posuďte sami 😉 #lhasaapso #dog #happydog #relax #uprehrady #hezkyvikend #vranenadvltavou

Can't sleep, happy to see chuy can tho lol #acrylicpainting #lhasaapso #painting

Sleepy puppy....how sweet x probably dreaming about murdering birds in the park 🐦🐶😁 #lhasaapso #lhasaapsorules #lhasaapsoworld #lhasaapsosofinstagram

Hmmm frågan är hur denna solbrännan blir lille Felix 😂😂😂😂#lhasaapso #lhasaapsosofinstagram #tanning

Mommy thinks she could get me a job as a cadaver dog - I've been digging, sniffing and barking at this square on the patio all morning 😂 #whatsunderthere

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