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Из чего состоит фотограф?📷
Я раньше очень часто задавал себе этот вопрос❓ И ответы были разные, в зависели от опыта , который ты получаешь ежедневно.🤓
Первое время, когда я начинал снимать, и просматривал фотографии топовых фотографов, я был уверен- все дело в их техническом парке. Крутые фотики и не менее крутые объективы. От части это так, но техника- лишь верхушка айсберга❄️
Намного важнее это то что ты снимаешь , как видишь свет и кадр. Как после делаешь постпродакшн.
Для простого примера скажу, первые 3 года я снимал на 600d и Юпитер 37а , и это были не съемки подруг и друзей во дворе, а вполне себе коммерческие съемки, в том числе и свадьбы 👰
Научитесь максимально хорошо работать с тем что у Вас есть, изучите азы фотографии, ее философию.
Чем дольше вы забиваете голову мечтами о крутой технике, тем меньше у вас остается времени на саморазвитие и рост. 🔝
Приспосабливайтесь. Если нет светосильного объектива, используйте дополнительный свет. Нет доп вспышки используйте отражатель, что бы направить пучок света. Нет отражателя, сделайте его из бумаги и фольги. Ко всему можно приспособиться, стоит лишь проявить смекалку и желание.
И помните - всегда можно спросить, то чего вы не знаете. И я думаю вы найдете ответ.📬
Хороших Вам кадров)

People like this are diamond 💎. Usually people hurt others either knowingly or unknowingly when they are themselves hurt. People can change and some become diamond like me while others become lava who only live to hurt others. I'm A 16 year old Girl and I've made this page to share my views on love and stuff here.

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#swipe 👈🏽 #morning either it’s #juicing or #cup of #organic #herbal #tea ☕️ #tumeric #agave 💯actually #hate #coffee it’s really bad for you 👀 got this as a gift for someone a lifetime ago but, the #universe said they didn’t deserve it so it ended up becoming #furniture and well Me like to play science project, like what will this button do type 🤦🏽‍♂️🤪learn can make tea with it too 🔥🔥🔥 #dub18 #blessings & #lessons let me teach y’all about #tumeric tho 💪🏽if I knew what I know now smh will never believe trust another hospital again humans can be cured of everything! ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾

That damn pain. Pain won't just go away by just wanting it to. It takes time, patience and love. People say to stay strong but actually will power and determination have nothing to do with the healing process. To catalyze healing one needs immense amount of love from someone. In my case it needs love from a certain someone. People, however, sometimes learn to live with the pain and wounds from their past only to wait for someone to kiss away their wounds. The pain does fade away with time but the wound persist which can only be healed with love. No one can completely heal all by himself. He'll need someone else's love, true love. One can indeed completely heal (yes, without any scar) but it needs pure love which is really rare nowdays.

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So fellas just don't try or you'll end up with disappointment. We are humans and are meant to have feelings. We often develop them with the wrong person and regret it but its not our fault. We can't control who we start liking. I mean, yeah we won't like a shitty personality person but we can't control if we'll have feelings for someone good or not. If someone's having a personality that we prefer in people then we'll probably develop feelings for them. And its not like feelings are permanent, if later we find out that its not the person we wanted then our feelings will fade away. The real deal starts when we fall in love. If we fall in love then there's no going back. There are indeed methods to fall out of love but they usually don't happen.

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I don't but I can't help it. We cry to take it all out of us. Crying is good and absolutely necessary. Its the one thing which can keep us alive when all we wanna do is jump of that building. We usually cry of memories so we'll ultimately develop hope that all that will come back to us. I don't really like crying but I know its necessary. So once in a while I pour it all out and it feels amazing. It gives me strength to keep fighting. I once almost gave up in the past and I'm not gonna do that ever again in my life. Pain has taught me many things and not giving up is one of them. So fellas never give up and keep crying lol.

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Yes we can M. Ballard but tell me one thing, is surviving equivalent to living? I don't think so. All of the people alive sure are surviving but not all surviving people are alive. They maybe be living by flesh and brain and all that bio but their soul might be dead. So no, surviving and living life is totally different things. To live, one needs a purpose. Without purpose its just surviving. And we need at least one person in our life who we love to have a purpose in life. No one can make a purpose solely on love with oneself. Love is meant to be done to others before its done to ourselves. People say one who don't love himself can't truely love anyone else but its wrong. One who don't love anyone/anything other than himself can't love himself truely either.

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We give chances upon chances to the ones we love. Love kinda makes us stupid. And love doesn't happens just once. Well..yeah if your first love is your last then it happens only once but if not then it'll happen again. If it happens again, we'll give this person chances on chances too. Its not bout lesson and all but its just bout love. We'll give chances to someone we love no matter how much and how many times we've been hurt in the past by our loved ones. So people start building walls around their heart. They don't understand one thing that walls are useless and it can't stop something as powerful as love. If we're bound to love someone then we'll love that person. Its in our fate to fall in love. By building walls we sure can filter people we fall for but still just can't reject everyone we want. If they're meant to be our love then they will be.

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Yes its entirely different. All.of us wants to be loved but we forget that its not other's love which keeps us alive but its our love which does. As I've said earlier, we need a purpose to live our lives and that purpose comes from loving someone/something else. We maybe come to a point where we don't want love but we'll never stop loving.
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Good morning, be-YOU-tiful souls

You're going to make mistakes...
Love yourself anyway.
You're going to stray from your life plan...
Love yourself anyway.
You're going to get rejected and be lonely sometimes...
Love yourself anyway.
Loving yourself isn't the same as approving of everything you do, it doesn't mean not making every effort to improve your life, it doesn't even mean liking yourself always.
But it does mean extending yourself unconditional respect.
It means constantly erring on the side of self-compassion.
It means not having to worry about abandonment, because you know you will always be on your own side.
Love can't be earned or forfeited.
You can't "deserve" love by what you do or say or accomplish...you must Love yourself anyway.

Have a blessed, healthy day 💜 #selfacceptance #selflove #nomistakes #lessons #lifelessons #learnandgrow #strongwoman #strongmindset #mindsetiseverything #mindovermatter #selfimprovement #selfconfidence #selfgrowth #strugglesarereal #blessingsinlife

Love has taught me a lot About trust, timing and courage. Lost has taught me a lot about how to make friends with trust, timing and courage. #beautiful #strong #love #peace #life #lessons #learning #understand #kindness #friends #family #lovers #angels #heaven #acceptance #rise #smile #laugh #livewell #dare #dream #trust

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards #lessons of the past

Herkese Merhaba.🤗
Uzuncaa düşündüm bu işe başlama konusunda ve sonunda karşınızdayım. Aslında burayı sadece bir study blog olarak kullanmak istemiyorum. Bunun yanında ders dışında bambaşka şeyler paylaşabileceğim, benimle paylaşacak, insanlarla bir arada olmak istiyorum. Lütfen ilerleyen zamanlarda eleştirilerinizi benimle paylaşın.🙄
Arkadaşlar ben çalışırken bu tarzda notlar tutmaktan hoşlanıyorum. Daha akılda kalıcı olduğunu düşünüyorum ve geri dönüp tekrar tekrar kendini okutan, çöp olmayan, notlar oluyorlar. Bu tarzda paylaşımlar gelsin mi?
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Trust the process 🙌🏻

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