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Sahara Desert

Awesome camera collection by @oftwolands ------------------------------------------
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Our Ultimate Nikon VS Canon DSLR
Which One Would You Love 😍 To Get It?
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People say.. show friendly photos, with light and a positive expression, people wanna see that. Show something that they wanna have, something they can relate to.. But what if I am a tragic person, living and loving a tragic life. I'm sure the best people can relate to that. 📷 @martinhndgmcht 💄 @flandersmakeupartist #tragic #trains #leica #monochrome #bvg #drmartens #asseenonme 👻

In honor of school starting today in Los Angeles here is a little history lesson on the Montauk Lighthouse. .
In 1792, to prevent this loss of ships and trade, Congress appropriated $255.12 to buy land upon which a lighthouse was to be built to warn passing mariners of the perilous rocks at Montauk Point' Three years later, President George Washington signed the authorization for the construction of the lighthouse. And in 1968 a Canadian rock band named Lighthouse formed in Toronto (wanted to make sure you were paying attention).

The more you know 💫

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Who Want This Incredible Setup?
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Anime | illford hp5 x Leica mini

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‎مالوم رجلك لو شكَت كايد الكـود.
‎أتـعـبـتهــا تـــرقــى سنـود المعالـي

Keep going! You're half-way to the weekend! ✌🏻
Smooth Bent Dublin with Bamboo Carved Horn by @pzhanpipes + N. 44 by #astleys M 240 | 50mm Summilux f/1.4 Asph | ND #leica #summilux #carvedhorn @smokingpipescom @shaneireland @leicastoreboston #pipecollector

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