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May your Sunday be filled with lots of relaxation and rejuvenation and maybe even a little Legs Up the Wall :)

Każdy od czasu do czasu potrzebuje po prostu odpocząć 😉 #razemnajlepiej #doglover #alba1913
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Happy Sunday! Wow it’s been an incredible week! I got to do a little less working and more enjoying life. Ready to hit it hard again starting tomorrow! 👊🏼
🌸 Day 7 of #SpringIntoSelfLove: any Relaxing Pose 😌
Today’s Mantra: “I am at EASE with myself.”
~ Just chillin with my legs up the wall in my Panda socks 🐼
Definitely relaxing when you have the wall’s support, otherwise just holding them straight up in the air for awhile can be quite a challenge 😆
I am really lovin this process called life and learning and growing everyday.
I feel very thankful and fortunate to be at the place I’m at both mentally and physically. I know I am capable of achieving so much for myself and others, and this challenge has really helped me start to discover MY unique authenticity (everybody has their own 🦋) that should be truly and honestly shared with everyone! I want to do my very best job of sharing with you all my real-life documentations of my process and my background story of where I came from. It’s not going to be easy for me, I have a very hard time with making things sound super scripted or overthought. But I just want to keep it REALLLL with you guys. So please continue to follow along! I promise it’ll get better 🙈 thank you all SO MUCH for following my journey and sharing so much love with me! I feel SO supported! 💙💙💙

M a t : @gaiam 🌿
PC 📸: my @luckygarebear 🐻💞 #yogachallenge #yogainspiration #buddhasaysrelax #legsupthewall

Last ditch effort legs up the wall pose to get some good blood flow to my ovs. C'mon follicles... grow grow grow! My lovely fertility yoga teacher @aubreyasana said this is the best pose for fertility 🤞🏼
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Day 1 of #RestoreAnywhere -
Enjoying the outdoors with
#legsupthewall .
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...your body hears everything that your mind says...ssshhh

Day 1 of Restore Anywhere yoga challenge: Legs up the wall pose is so relaxing and easy for anyone to try. We spend all day on our feet so why not give them a break? Legs up the wall will help relieve lower back pain, encourage venous drainage in the legs, reduce swelling in the feet and ankles, and relax the nervous system!

When you've had one of those weeks and the best part of the practice is laying with your legs up the wall 🙌🏼 .

If you missed out on Becs 9am morning class today, come along and wind down with me this afternoon in our 430pm warm flow ✨

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#weekendvibes • a brief respite before tech week! Tapestries 3.0 next weekend - check out @threadsdanceproject for tickets! (Link in bio)
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#lamarathon2018 is TOMORROW! Runners, we highly recommend this posture at some point after the festivities have ended. Yogis, please leave extra time and patience for your trip to class tomorrow. Hollywood Blvd is closed between Hillhurst and La Brea. Try walking or using the freeways to get to Los Feliz or Franklin.

It was a legs up the wall kind of morning after a superb night out watching @teddysphotos @ed_sheeran_official_ Ed Sheeran in Sydney. My legs were super H E A V Y and this made me feel so good. @drharrygriffiths missed mummy and daddy last night so it was an in all cuddle, which was delicious #legsupthewall #heavylegs #toooldtostandatconcerts #funnightout #edsheeran #edsheeranconcert @katycrean @griff_075 #skyelifestyle #sydneyharbouryogaretreat 👏🎼🧓🧘‍♀️❤️

I’m gonna put it out there. Today has been hard. Going through some stuff that makes it hard to get out of my own body and mind and take on anything else. Patience is not a thing I have to offer at this moment and with a 4.5 year old, that’s not really an option. My tool box is lacking and I’m struggling to find those basic pieces to feel like tomorrow will be better. I hope tomorrow will be better. Luckily, for today, I have a husband who it able to give me some time to put my feet up the wall and focus on me. Let’s hope it helps. .
#anxiety #patience #legsupthewall #panicattacks #justbreath

High rep moderate weight deadlift recovery. Legs up the wall. #legsupthewall #recovery #mobility #fuzzysocks #pajamaparty

I’m sharing 6 things that are part of my bedtime routine. To be clear - I have extreme insomnia and Lyme/EBV really compromise my ability to sleep. But the combo of these 6 things help. Do I sleep 8 blissful hours? No, but when I do these things I sleep more and when I don’t, I don’t. 😴 One thing I’m adding in is CBD oil. Once I’ve tested it for myself, I’ll report back.

DAY 1: Legs up the Wall
One of my favorite ways to end a yoga class! This can be a great alternative to savasana. Try this for 5 minutes before bed if you feel restless and use whatever leg variation feels good for you!
Join us for seven days of stop, drop and RESTORE! Literally, anywhere! At work, at the store, in your car or outside! Anywhere is fair game in this challenge. You can find a moment of internal peace wherever you go!
To Participate & Be Eligible To Win:
✨Follow All Hosts + Sponsors ✨Tag two friends in the comments below and invite them to join!
✨You don’t have to post daily, just make sure you have all 7 posts up by the end of the day on March 23rd
✨In each post, tag all hosts and sponsors and use #RestoreAnywhere so we can find your posts!
✨Make sure your account is public so we can see you!
Day 1: Legs Up The Wall
Day 2: Child’s Pose
Day 3: Supine Twist
Day 4: Supta Baddha Konasana
Day 5: Ragdoll Pose
Day 6: Supported Bridge
Day 7: Savasana
🎁 Sponsors & Prizes
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No time for yoga? Have someone else drive and indulge as a passenger!!!! 😄 I do this ALL THE TIME on long drives with @bartokc (📸). It's so hard for me to sit still in a seated position. Probably why I hate driving, good thing we got a travel trailer 🤪 Here we go, St. Louis bound 🤓
#familyvacation #springbreak #caryoga #restoreanywhere #legsupthewall #restorativeyoga #myfavoritekindofyoga ・・・
Legs up The "Wall"
Pose Benefits:
- relaxes muscles and organs of the abdomen
- relaxes muscles of the low back - refreshes the legs
- reduces swelling and fatigue in the legs (great to do after working on feet or going for a hike or long walk!)
- reduces systemic effects of stress
- quiets the mind
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