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Dinky Toys John Steed Special Leeland Jaguar

참 예쁘다! 내가 딱 원하던 트레이💛
이어폰홀더까지 심쿵이네🤗

장소협찬 대표님...감쟈합니다🙏

With you, even the dark is light, dark is light.
When you cry, when you fall, when you hurt,
I'll be with you through it all,
In your tears, in your fears,
Don't you worry, I am near, I am here,
I'll be there with you in the dead of night.
A song that I hold so close to my heart, and it's so good to the extent I wish I'm the only one who knows it but it's too good not to share. These lyrics... words so powerful, penetrating through my heart. "Take courage and be strong, have faith." These things that I have been reminding myself through this journey. Wherever you'll go, I'll follow. Just have a little more faith Zhen. 🙂 For you know who is in control. And you know so well that He is with you. #bethelmusic #leeland #psalm139 #deadofnight #darkislight

Excited to be supporting Leeland in Wigan on March 22. I'll be playing songs from my new record. Looking forward to hanging with you again @leelandmooring 👋

Tocando Cordero Y León con la banda! Falta @nicopiquard #leeland @leelandmooring @lukasramosp @silas_ueg

Not a bad way to start the day. Found these for €0,25 each. #saragroves #leeland #bebonorman #cd #cdcollection #ccm

1441.68.13 lay it down to Your feet | 放在祢腳前
In times of trouble, though trials may come
The rock of ages is standing strong
I'm fighting battles, but the war is won
So I'll run to You and surrender all

As I lay down my life
And pick up my cross
What a joy it is to give my life away to You
All that I need
All that I seek
Is You here with me
Holy Spirit have Your way in me
So now we come freely and boldly to where love is enthroned, to receive mercy’s kiss and discover the grace we urgently need to strengthen us in our time of weakness.
Hebrews 4:16 TPT

希伯來書 4:16 CUNP
#21dLive4daMoment #concept_proof #curiosity #song #HolySpirithaveYourway #leeland #laydown #weaknesses #pride #apartfromYouicandonothing #worshipnpray #harpnbowl #worship #pray #intercession #houseofprayer #chaihop #柴盒 #worshipnotes #latergram #favor #unfailinglove #Youaremysong #Youaremyjoy #thanksJesus #praisebutton #Hebrews4_16

Yes @leelandofficial are coming to the UK!! 🇬🇧 👍👏🏻 with @patbarrett as well hoping to get along to one of these #2018 #bigchurchlive #worship #music #leeland @bigchurchlive

"Can you hear the sound of melodies
Oh the sound of melodies
Rising up to you
Rising up to you God"
#leeland #christianbands #soundofmelodies

Big Church Live March 24 in Harrogate. www.bigchurchtickets.com/events #leeland #bigchurchlive #harrogate #march24 #praiseandworship #bethelmusic

It is said that kids who need love the most will ask for it in the most unloving ways....
He is my Rose and my thorn. I worry about this kid daily, but I have to let him find his path.
I pray that he hears my voice in his head when I’m not around & he remembers the roots I’ve given him.

Leeland... I love you more than life 💔
#Motherhood #Heartache #ItsTough #MyOldest #18yearsYoung #StillABaby #Joshua #Leeland #LordProtectHim #InTheFeelsTonight #GrowingPains 😭❤️🙏🏼

simple card wallet


One of my favorite tattoos. My favorite album and song #LoveIsOnTheMove. #Leeland. I did this tattoo because this song is awesome and make me believe in the love of God in everything. He can make the things new and better when he reveals heaven's truth. Heart willing to love.. @leelandofficial @leelandmooring your songs are incredible thank u! 👏🖑🖐Hug from Chile!

#Repost @leelandofficial (@get_repost)
Here is the official lyric video for "King of My Heart" from our new album "Invisible"! 👑❤️
Pre-order link in bio! 🎉
Here, underneath
Your covering, inside Your wings
I, am renewed
By grace and truth
I'll follow You, My Lord for
I have, I have, I have fallen in love
You are all I’m living and breathing for
Every day, every night, I have fallen in love/
I'm giving You my hopes and dreams everything, all my time for You are mine and I have fallen in love/
You are, You are, You are, You’re the King of my heart, my heart, I have fallen in love
Come, have Your way
Love invade
Every single space, in my heart for
I have, I have, I have fallen in Love
All my future, my hope
All my heart and my soul
All that I need to know, is nothing less than You love me (repeat) #leeland #bethelmusic #yourenotinvisible

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