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When your dad promises you McDonalds if you make a three #splash #chickennuggets

Boy With Austism Hits 6 Straight 3's!🔥🙏
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What a stacked and diverse roster 😨👀😂
You can't stop a combination of a snake and a donkey 😂
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Nba live will be lit if he on the cover🔥
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He is Unbelievable😳💯
Is he Underrated or Overrated?

Y'all wild💀💀
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How's your day going ?


Pred nama i Amerikanci padaju!! Samo cepaj Joko care!!! #lebron #nikolajokic

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#lebron vs. #lavar 😂🏀😂🏀

The greatest of all time.
The greatest shot of all time.

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