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"We each get to decide what we'll give to the world and what we'll take from it. Love big; pack light." -Bob Goff

It’s no wonder @hoteljenbeijing is a #网红饭店 with so many instagrammable shots! Luckily we managed to book our rooms here and Thanks to #hoteljenbeijing for taking care of us for the past week! A must stay in #beijing and gym junkies would love this place! #StayingwithJen #leaveboringbehind

Deepest lake in the U.S.

Be where YOU are👇🏼
KNOWLEDGE DROP: If you are similar to me, then you may have the tendency to think ahead... and not just 1 step, I’m talking 5 or 6 steps 😬 While forward thinking has its place, it also can cause you to miss out on some key moments of life. If there is one lesson that the last year of traveling has taught me, it is to be present. Wherever you are standing, that is where you should be. And I’m not just telling you to look up from your cell phone (even though we all need to)...
I’m telling you to MENTALLY be in the moment. Stop thinking about every goddamn thing in your life that has zero relevance to where you are and what you’re doing. Some of the best moments I’ve had over the past year have happened when I set the rest of my life aside and focused 100% on what I was doing.
A little trick I learned: Do remarkable sh!t that forces your attention on that very thing. When you bungy jump off the edge of a cliff, there is no way you’re thinking about anything else the entire day leading up to that jump except walking to the edge of the platform, leaping out and having the time of your life. If you’re up there thinking about work that needs to be done on Monday, you got some prioritizinnn to do 😆 Whether it is bungy or a beautiful view, be there!
That is why I preach traveling so much. It’s impossible to not be in the moment when your life is constantly set on adventure mode. Get out there, be where you are and make enough memories so the highlight reel of your life wins an Academy Award 🥇
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On the move

Get away from all the city lights...stay up late...you won't be disappointed!

There is light in the darkness

Fishing is vital to many of the small towns lining these rustic coastlines

Concrete jungle in Singapore is truly unlike that of New York. Singapore is known as the green city, hence you see pockets of greenery around the country. Even amongst the tall giant buildings, Mother Nature colours the painting with traces of life.
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Spent the past week wandering among these giant trees along the coast of Northern California

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Jen’s Go Local, Take a closer look at the destination and move beyond the familiar on your next visit to our locations. You will discover subtle culture cues that represent a side of a city that locals see every day or experience the passion and effort behind simple things that belong to the local heritage of a destination that you may have missed on your previous visit. #leaveboringbehind for more details visit the website link on my profile. https://www.hoteljen.com/offers/jen/details/global/jens-go-local/

Seize the stay & Go Local!
Hi everyone! I've partnered up with Hotel Jen, they're currently offering 10% off their 'Go Local' package with any booking period & stay period between tomorrow, July 9 & August 31, 2018.
Why not #leaveboringbehind & enjoy a #staycation in our very own beautiful city. As many of you know, I absolutely love exploring all our beautiful city has to offer. Just look at these gorgeous views of our Brisbane at night. 💫 Imagine how much fun the kids would have spending a few nights of the school hols staying in the inner city right next to the beautiful @romastreetparkland with @visitsouthbank @qagoma @qldmuseum @museumofbrisbane @brisbanecity within walking distance. Don't forget a ride on one of our @brisbanecitycouncil bicycles or city cats around the river.
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思わず、スリランカで立ち寄ったレストランかと思った。実はシンガポール、シャングリラ系のホテル ジェン。スタイリッシュな若者向けのホテル。

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Thirsty for a nice #sunset at my Bamboo Sky Terrace. - Jen
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🌊 It’s July and be ready to plan for your next trip. Really glad to partner up with @hoteljen and exclusively inviting all of you to enjoy 10% off on their newest Go Local Package within this 9 July till 31st August by applying “PLOCALR” on your booking page. (Link in my bio too)
Let’s travel with Jen and create the best memories there. I will see you guys there!

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