My dear friend posted this this morning and well, yup! I love it!!! Most people treat those who are unkind with the same back. When I went through my masters program a long time ago 😂...Inmade this my priority. And guess what? An unkind person is quite the opposite on the inside. There is ALWAYS something beneath what you see on the outside and a little kindness back goes a LONG way 💕🙌😘 Make it a challenge to start spreading kindness to those you feel need it the most. Happy Monday! It’s a great day to be kind! Sorry Cam if i wasn’t kind to you this morning lol! #bekind #kindnessmatters #lovethosewhoneeditmost #happyholidays #happymonday #projectkind #lovehealthhappiness #smile #sayhi #leaveanote #shakeahand #giveacompliment #togetherwearebetter

Day 341: My mother was a fan of the object lesson. She felt visual aids cemented learning in one’s brain. I think that is why she was so good at leaving us notes with the items she left behind, because she knew a note would outlast a verbal explanation. She may have just been good at this from the beginning, or she may have picked it up from her mother-in-law.
Grandma Evy sent me gifts. Like the books from yesterday, her gifts always included notes. She sent me my father’s baby spoon with a note explaining that those were his little baby teeth marks. She sent me a copy of her college publication with a note hoping I might be interested in her short story, and I was. She sent me the history she had written of her mother-in-law with a note that says “As a ship turns into the storm for survival, so must we meet the storms of life head on, or we become lost or destroyed. Do not carry the fight of yesterday or tomorrow on your mind. What the Lord commands, we have the capacity to perform. Do ordinary things extraordinarily well.” In all of her many eras, Grandma Evy did just that.


➡️Please read to the end.😊⬅️

Today, I picked up a couple of books. I have read (and I own) “Motherless Daughters” by Hope Edelman. That was the first book I ever read pertaining to the death of my mom. In a few ways, I found it helpful; in the overall scheme of things, not so much. 😐.

During a conversation within a Motherless Daughters support group of which I’m a member, one of the women mentioned that she had recently read a book entitled “The Dead Moms Club”. (PICTURE 3). She said it was really very good and quite different from Edelman’s “Motherless Daughters” book. 💗🤔

I’m an avid reader, so I of course immediately wanted to give it a go. 📘👍🏻.

Today after work, I went to Barnes & Noble, and I purchased that book along with another hitting upon the same subject matter entitled “What To Do When I’m Gone”. Even just breezing through that one, I can tell you that I wish it had been around during the immediate aftermath of my mom’s passing.

Believe it or not, I AM greatly looking forward to reading both of these. 📘📗

Before I went to the checkout, I sat in front of the bookshelf, cross-legged. I set my soon-to-be purchases off to the side and ruffled through my purse for a pen and some paper. 🖊.

I tore a small piece of paper off of a large sheet and jotted down, “I’ve been where you are right now. I promise you she loves you & is forever with you. -❤️- “.

⭐️I then tucked that paper into the dedication page of the last copy of “The Dead Moms Club” to be left behind on the shelf.⭐️

My purpose in doing so?
My hope is that that tiny piece of paper I left behind gives small pieces of hope and comfort to the person who buys that particular book (or picks it up) and lets them know they’re NOT on their journey alone.💕.

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My little buddy's going under the knife today.

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The two words of the year for 2018 so far are “toxic” and “misinformation.” ❤️ And then there is every opportunity everytime we think a thought and open our mouth and choose words that make a loving difference and speak a compassionate truth.
Words matter.
Let’s start to work on new words for the coming year. I’m choosing a personal word for next year to keep my heart on its path. ❤️
Leave an inspiring message in a place so
Done who just might need to hear your words! You never know whose life you can change! ❤️
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Looking for unique hand-made gifts? We have a limited quantity of memo boards available. Great for leaving notes for the family, grocery lists, encouraging words...Pictured is our white shiplap style memo board.
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Looking for unique hand-made gifts? We have a limited quantity of memo boards available. Great for leaving notes for the family, grocery lists, encouraging words...Pictured is the last rustic/pallet memo board.
18” long x 14” wide. The Kraft paper roll is 9” wide. $40
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Found this under my desk in social work class. 💕
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A note of #encouragement can brighten someone's day! Leave a note for someone for an extra positive spin on their day!
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Leave a Note in a Library Book | My 35 at 35 list has come to a halt after ticking off no. 3, start a family, blog posts too after I went back to work. So for the time being I’ll continue here as Instagram is one thing I still have time for, it’s easy to scroll and double tap a like with only one free hand. .
I left this little note in a book by one of my favourite authors, John Irving. Since having the boy it’s become more true to me. There’s lots in life that isn’t perfect, there are somethings in my life right now that are damn awful but I’m greeted by two beautiful big blue eyes each morning and that makes life wonderful. That’s even when by morning I mean 5.30am.
#35at35 No 6 ✔️


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