Grateful for the time with my mom and sweetie Eric enjoying art and each other’s presence last week together. We went to Mass MOCA and saw the James Terrell and Laurie Anderson exhibits again (so very recommended!) and then enjoyed the paintings in their luminescent glory! Here are a few of the best examples from #sammckinniss (Northern Lights), #tmdavy (Fire Island Moonrise) and #wilhelmneusser (Nocturne/Doublemoon). We immersed ourselves in spaces of light, color and wonder as we stepped in and out of various states of consciousness and various contexts. I felt re-inspired around my work with the senses as gateways to altered states of consciousness and new ways of experiencing and considering the emotions. Looking forward to returning to this incredible museum we have right here in Western Mass! #massmoca #jamesterrell #laurieanderson

@laurieandersonofficial #laurieanderson reflects majik with us, now even. + #zeitkratzer Thank you 😍 #ultimafestivalen

“And I only have one question:
Did you ever really love me?
Only when we danced. And it was so beautiful
It was like the Fourth of July
It was like fireflies on a summer night” > listening to Laurie Anderson “Night in Bagdad”, 1994, written with Brian Eno.
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“You get your story and you hold onto it, and every time you tell it, you forget it more.” // Laurie Anderson, Heart Of A Dog. 2015

“Death is so often about regret, or guilt. Why didn’t I call her? Why didn’t I say that? It’s more about you than the person who died. But finally I saw it, the connection between love and death, and that the purpose of death is the release of love.” // Laurie Anderson, Heart Of A Dog. 2015

“You should try to learn how to feel sad without being sad.” // Laurie Anderson, Heart Of A Dog. 2015

Laurie Anderson - the final concert of this year's @ultimafestivalen #laurieanderson #ultimafestivalen

10 sekunders skrik sammen med #laurieanderson #ultimafestivalen

THANK YOU LAURIE!!! And great to see Hild Sofi Tafjord in this gang as well. Laurie Anderson & Zeitkratzer: Nytt verk (WP) Laurie Anderson: The Language of the Future med Zeitkratzer at Rockefeller yesterday.

Performance art - med nedslagsfelt i Laurie Anderson. Min semesteroppgave i teatervitenskap fra 89.
I går opplevde jeg henne på scenen. Hun er blitt 71 og er fremdeles
kompromissløst personlig , morsom , intelligent, elsker fortellinger , drømmer og Lou Reed. Takk!
#zeitkratzer #laurieanderson

Laurie Anderson last night! (Here with the voice of her deceased husband; Lou Reed)

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