Esta tarde estaba un poco mierder porque era la primera vez que iba a ir sola a un concierto, pero creo que he cambiado radicalmente de opinión. También afirmo sin arrepentimientos que ha sido el mejor concierto de mi vida junto con los de Justice.
Phoenix, TI AMO. Soy una puta cursi pero es que no puedes evitar amarlos. Solo con verles tan cómplices entre ellos y con su público te da ganas de hacerles un monumento en los Campos Elíseos. Esto es una declaración de amor.
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Phoenix, le groupe franco-international (on peut les voir un peu partout sur la planète) ici au festival "Biarritz en été" 👌
Sortie du concert légère et joyeuse : de super musiciens qui montrent combien ils prennent plaisir à jouer et Thomas Mars qui descend de la scène et vient chanter... pile devant nous! La chance... et termine par un bain de foule, c'est cool @wearephoenix @biarritzenete #thomasmars #deckdarcy #laurentbrancowitz #christianmazzalai #tiamo #biarritz #bee18 #festival #festivals #musiquealternative #poprock #concert #citedelocean #paysbasque #plagedelamilady #atabal #musiquefrançaise #frenchtouch

_ L A U R E N T B R A N C O W I T Z _
Musician best know for being one of the guitarists from the French alternative rock band 🇫🇷P H ❤️ E N I X 🇫🇷 @wearephoenix #guitarrist #people #music #style #indie #indiemusic #tiamo #france #laurentbrancowitz #laurent #phoenix #band #gig #guitar #festival #fest #monterrey #liveout #musician

This past week of dancing, singing, fangirling, partying, and striking up memorable conversations with my favorite French men has been the greatest♥️ Meeting the best fans from across the country and the world felt like meeting long lost friends💞Thank you @wearephoenix for making these past 4 shows incredible. And thank you to the wonderful crew who put their all into these shows, without you none these shows would be possible🙏🏼 @elclaudiopedro, @west.eye, @stinkyr0se, @beastievee, Cedric, and Minimas🎸!
Ti Amo 💘 Grazie Mille
Can’t wait to party one last time in Dallas! 💃🏻

a very speciale night with phoenix | ti amo nyc 《round 3》@wearephoenix 💘

the timeless classic ✨ @wearephoenix

I’ve been blathering on about how the @wearephoenix show I saw Tuesday at @brooklynsteel was “the most exciting show I’ve ever seen in my whole life❗️”
Tonight my dad asked me: “Why? What does that mean?”
Look, I’m someone who sees a lot of rock and pop concerts. I’d rather do that than see musicals and plays on Broadway, like most other gay guys I know.
I’ve seen Madonna >25x, the Grateful Dead >20x, U2 >15x.
I’m not saying Phoenix was “better” than all those shows or artists. But they were hands down the most exciting.
Because what they are doing feels NEW. Their studio recordings are amazing. The arrangements, writing and production — it’s so pop meets rock meets dance meets R&B.
But until I saw them live for the first time on Tuesday, I didn’t get how much they WAIL🙌🏼❗️
It has a lot to do with the drummer, #thomashedlund. Just watch him in the center of the frame. He DIDN’T STOP doing that ALL SHOW❗️🤘🏼
I was in front of one of the guitarists #LaurentBrancowitz. Also, very charismatic, having a blast, giving visual bon mots to individual fans.
But frontman #ThomasMars? SO CHARISMATIC‼️ Very electric.⚡️ Also, let’s face it: if Ric Ocasek and Beck had a kid, it would be Thomas. And that voice❗️🗣🎶 So candy-coated and slithery❗️🐍 It cuts through all the instruments❗️🔪🎸🥁🎹
Feast your ears, kids: Imma bout to start doling out the most exciting current music you’ve never heard‼️
Here’s their show opener, the title track from their most awesome new record #TiAmo. #TiAmoTour

@wearephoenix ti amo nyc night 3 ✨

I'm just trying my best to live my best life in the final days of my Twenties. I didn't think turning 30 would be a big deal until I repeated back in my head, "the end of your twenties." Well, it's been real guys.....👴👴👴👴👴👴
1. Rome
2. Armistice
3. If I Ever Feel Better

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Phoenix (@wearephoenix) closed their sold-out 5 night residency at Brooklyn Steel this past Tuesday. I've never seen such attention to detail when it comes to decorating a concert venue and selling the ambiance. All the doors and windows were graffiti'd up with Phoenix Ti Amo NYC. The front had gelato for sale, a phoenix vending machine with exclusive signed merch, and even a limited run of Phoenix brand Japanese sake. Go big or go home! These guys know how to throw a party!
1. Lasso
2. Lizstomania
3. J-Boy

#phoenix #wearephoenix #tiamo #tiamonyc #bksteel #brooklynsteel #brooklyn #phoenixband #concert #nyc #rx100m5 #thomasmars #laurentbrancowitz #christianmazzalai #deckdarcy #thomashedlund #robincoudert #concertphotography #livemusic

💗 B with the cutest smile as always (I'd like to think my camera was nervous meeting Branco and this is why the photo is a bit blurry,, ty tho @apple.carts). 。
Branco did ask after the photo was taken if it was okay; he asked two times and while it's not a crystal clear photo it was fine with me (didn't wanna keep him to long bc he looked like he was having so much fun going around the disco afterparty). Anyway, I love this one very much 💘 @wearephoenix

branco ~ coco ~ brancoco? 🐨 💖 (night 2 in the center was a fun one with b) @wearephoenix


a collection of @wearephoenix night 2 photos 💘

Branco chugging the water bottle and pondering life//meme amongst us @mjpdevera @funkyphoenixfan @apple.carts

🐨 B @wearephoenix

Words cannot express how much I love these guys, I think they’re absolutely brilliant in every way. I remember being enraptured by their french vibes ever since I heard “Too Young” in Shallow Hal and I discovered these unique fun catchy songs in their albums and when they got bigger in fame, they didn’t decline or sell out, they got better & more ambitious. There isn’t a band like #Phoenix and its awesome & a blessing to continue seeing them perform. Je t'aime @wearephoenix
#TiamoTour #tiamonyc #Wearephoenix #thomasmars #christianmazzalai #laurentbrancowitz #deckdarcy #brooklynsteel

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