I swear this is my last collage from the show last night lol! 😂😂Tamar was such a trooper last night. She could have easily cancelled the show but instead took a break and came back out and gave all her Tamartian fans her all! I've been reading so much negativity saying it was a publicity stunt and how she is was a drama queen. Not even close to it!! 🙅Love her even more for the way she sat there and poured her heart ❤️ 💋out. SN: that white guy was from the audience. He tore down hob with his singing 👍👏😊. #tamartian #loveandwartour #tamarbraxton #shedidthat

☝️.....#LasVegasTamartians I definitely don't want that confused!! Cause that's who deserves ALL the recognition!! Sorry for the mix up and thanks again😘

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