Even after your first surgery at 3 weeks old you smiled afterwards. That alone showed us the strength you were born with and nothing could stop you. My name means indestructible and that is a gene that was passed onto you because you show it everyday that you won’t allow anything to come your way and ruin things for you.
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You’ll be cancer free soon and realize how much stronger it made you and us.
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Yesterday marked 4 years since Wyatt flew to heaven.
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Min glada lille kille, så tacksam över att han får må så bra och vara som ett barn egentligen ska få vara. ❤️ Hur framtiden ser ut vet vi inte än, men jag njuter som aldrig förr att se min fina Walter så pigg, glad och full med energi dagarna ut❤️ #hejawalter #fuckcancer #langerhanscellhistiocytosis

Benjamin Thomas Roberts 30/11/1992-9/9/1993

How we feel about 8am bone surveys 😂👶🏼❤️ #baby #9monthsold #ivfsuccess #lch #lchwarrior #langerhanscellhistiocytosis

Cameron and puppy spent the weekend riding the train with Nana & Papa, getting pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and chasing sister in the corn maze!

Just nu är livet väldigt bra! ♡ Lyckan över att Mio övervägande mår bra är enorm, och inte bara för mig utan kanske främst för Alvin - som nu har en storebror att busa med, bråka med och umgås med. Det är helt obeskrivbart att få den här andningspausen från all sjukdom🙏
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Cheer for Cameron! 💙
Stickers for sale! $5 each.
These will transfer to just about everything! Apply this to your water bottle, coffee mug, car, etc. to show your support for the little man!
A HUGE shoutout to Stacy at @asj.designs for making this happen!
Message Ashley @ashleykirks or myself if interested! Thank you again for all the good vibes, well wishes and support! 💙

Cameron got to visit the family farm the other day! It’s better than all the doctors visits...and of course puppy goes everywhere! Biopsy is scheduled for October 23rd for the second mass found on his femur. He could use all the good vibes, well wishes & support!

Update from Friday’s MRI: Radiology will be doing a biopsy for the second mass. Just waiting for this to be scheduled.
He will have another X-ray done in 3 months to make sure the mass is not growing on his femur. Still waiting to hear the next steps and plans for chemo.
I can’t begin to THANK everyone enough for reaching out, sending you thoughts, well wishes and good vibes Cameron’s way. The Kirks Family is forever grateful!

Cameron got his first care package from Brittany & Rick, tons of hot wheels with his favorite candy...he’s pretty happy! Thank you! 💙

Cameron insisted Mom needed to be wheeled out with him after his appointment! Sweet boy who loves his mama!

Cameron has his MRI on Friday October 5th, for the second mass found on his femur. Him & puppy did great! Once he was done, he got a hot wheels car and a popsicle! Little man is such a trooper!

Puppy goes everywhere Cameron does and often gets the same procedures! OHSU Doernbecher is amazing!

Friends, Cameron and family could use all your good vibes, well wishes and support as they heard what the next steps will be for the little man! Please read Ashley's recap below...
We met with Dr. Stork in oncology, Monday October 1st. He has another mass in his right femur, which he will be getting another MRI within two weeks. We will draw blood for labs then while he's sedated. The orthopedic (bone) surgeon will review it to see if it's safe to do a biopsy to determine if it is LCH. It is highly unlikely it is something else. Once confirmed we will start a year of chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy will be once a week for six weeks, then every three weeks after that. He will also be taking steroids and other things with it. We will discuss that more in detail later.

The little man could use all your thoughts, good vibes and well wishes at this time. Spencer & Ashley just heard back from Dr. Sayama. It is in fact Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH). They are waiting for Hematology/Oncology to call them back and schedule a full body MRI to determine if this is an isolated incident or not.

With all of the appointments, this little man has been a trooper through all of it!

Post surgery September 19th, little man just wanted Mac n cheese & some ice cream!

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