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One important black guy in every era at least. (Okay sorry for racism if you're mad) #starwars #macewindu #landocalrissian #finn

Hey everyone! the Han Solo film lost is directors as you know and I made a video saying my thoughts on it. I also criticize the current leadership over at Lucasfilm... Click the link in my bio to watch it now :) and subscribe for all things Star Wars! Almost at 5K 😆
#starwas #hansolo #hansolomovie #Chewbacca #landocalrissian

The only thing scarier than Darth Vader with a lightsaber is Darth Vader with two lightsabers 💀😵

We detained this piece of scum last weekend. Off to the spice mines of Kessel with him.

#starwars #501st #501stLegion #official501st #stormtroopers #vadersfist #landocalrissian #whitearmor

Academy Award Winner, #RonHoward, Steps in to Direct The #HanSoloMovie!
After, Directors #PhilLord and #ChrisMiller were let go from the project (during production) do to "creative differences" over style and tone; #Disney/#LucasFilm Names Ron Howard as the new director of #HanSolo: #Anthology Film, sources tell #TheHollywoodReporter exclusively. The official announcement is expected Thursday morning.
What do you guys think? I certainly can't complain. How do you expect to replace an excellent directional duo... with an Oscar Winning one... smart move to removing some of the many doubts in the film too. 👌👍 #StarWars #RedCup #StarWarsAnthology #HanShotFirst

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting several new details on what lead to the firing of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller from the currently untitled Young Han Solo standalone film. According to THR, there were “deep fundamental philosophical difference” between Lord and Miller and LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy and co-writer/executive producer Lawrence Kasdan and that the directing duo felt they were being given “zero creative freedom” with not “enough days for each scene from the very beginning”. The straw that broke the camels back, however, was in mid-June (a few days before Lord and Miller’s firing) when the duo “didn’t start shooting until 1 p.m. That day the two used only three different setups — that is, three variations on camera placement — as opposed to the 12 to 15 that LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy had expected, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. Not only was the going slow, but the few angles that had been shot did not provide a wealth of options to use in editing the movie.” The report also claims that Kennedy planned on replacing Lord and Miller with Lawrence Kasdan during reshoots - much like she did when Tony Gilroy took over for Gareth Edwards for a majority of the reshoots on “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. In “Rogue One”’s case, Edwards was much more willing to cooperate and let Gilroy work on the reshoots. Lord and Miller, however, were opposed to Kasdan coming on as a “shadow director” - another reason for their eventual firing. The report also claims editor Chris Dickens was replaced in May with “Alien: Covenant”’s Piertro Scalia and an acting coach was brought on for Alden Ehrenreich (who plays the titular smuggler) which “is not unusual [but] hiring one that late in production is”. THR’s report also corroborates a portion of Entertainment Weekly’s report from last week, when they claimed Lord and Miller were encouraging drastic improvisation from the actors; which Kasdan was completely opposed to. Ron Howard - who has taken over directorial duties on the film - has been in contact with Lord and Miller since the duo’s firing, with one source saying they have been “very supportive, very elegant”.


The only thing scarier than Darth Vader with a lightsaber is Darth Vader with two lightsabers 💀😵

Whether you wanted #hansolo to ACT 30 years old from the 1970s to match the feel of the old films (what Kathleen Kennedy wanted) or ACT 30 years old in today's time ( lord and miller wanted) ... #kathleenkennedy is The BOSS, you have to listen to the boss. #harrisonford #starwars #ronhoward #scifi #lukeskywalker #scifi #disney #hollywood #avengers #cosplay #darthvader #episode7 #forceawakens #landocalrissian #lordandmiller

We found Lando Calrissian at GameStop this past weekend! He looks awesome with this Han Solo that I bought awhile back #starwars #starwarsblackseries #theblackseries #starwarstheblackseries #landocalrissian #hansolo #actionfigures #actionfigurecollection #toycommunity #toycollector

Tried my first stab at some charcoaly techniques tonight. Tricky work, might persevere though! Always wanted to capture this guy but could never get it right - I'll put it down to his indefinable charisma! The coolest cat in the game - Mr Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino / future Lando / future Simba / future whoever he's playing in Homecoming / one half of Troy and Abed in the morning. #instaart #sketch #portrait #pencil #charcoal #shading #art #illustration #artnoob #drawing #donaldglover #childishgambino #atlanta #landocalrissian

One important black guy in every era at least. (Okay sorry for racism if you're mad) #starwars #macewindu #landocalrissian #finn

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