Post commencement ceremony.
#L.I.F.E #Classof2018 #LambdaGrads

Late gram but I just wanted to insta the pride I have in each of my Lambda brothers for graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Madison this year. A special shoutout to my line Mu Line @jesus_joker_deltoro @remi_jones @ices_mon it was a pleasure being a piece of journey into the brotherhood as PM FA15. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of you and I look forward to being a resource for you all in your future, love y’all lots. I’m proud of the work you have put into the brotherhood and to have seen the growth you all experienced. Also shoutouts to bros @bsuziiie.jpeg and @tonyflav #LambdaGrads #ΛΘΦ #EnLaUnionEstaLaFuerza #LambdaMen

Congratulations to our GAS1 Spring 2018 graduates. UGA: Jay-Ce Heisig, Roman Mancera, Israel Bracamonte, Caleb Paniagua. GSU: Alberto Cedeno, Joshuan Juan, Daniel Diaz, Jose Melgarejo. TECH: Kevin Webb. #lambdagrads #GAS1 #educated

Congratulations to all graduates of Spring 2018! We wish you all success in your future endeavors. Special congratulations to our chapter brothers that graduated this 2017-2018 academic year: *Giovanni Rivas [Spring 2014]- B.S. Criminology (Graduated Fall 2017)
*Leri Argueta [Fall 2013]- Masters of Public Administration (Graduated Fall 2017, Cum Laude)
*Kevin Webb [Spring 2014]- B.S. Computer Engineering (Graduated Spring 2018, High Honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology)
Keep conquering brothers and best wishes! #ΛΘΦ #ΔΖ #leadersofthelatinogreekmovement #scholarship #Lambdagrads

Congratulations to chapter brother, Dr. Wilson Diez (Spring 2012) for graduating with Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Marymount University. May Today’s success be the beginning of tomorrow’s achievements. #LambdaGrads #Lambdas #Kean #AOE

Congratulations to chapter brother, Roberto Gutierrez (Fall 1996) for graduating with a Masters in Business Administration at Rutgers University-Newark. Best of Luck to you and your future endeavors. #LambdaGrads #Lambdas #Kean #AOE

Congratulations to our 8, yes 8, graduating brothers from our Gamma Chapter, The College of New Jersey! They graduated over this past weekend and we are all very proud of each of you! Graduation is a big deal to many of us in our community and your hard work and dedication has finally been rewarded. We know you will do great things with your education! #lambdagrads #gammachapter #lambdagrad2018 #region1lambdas #njs2 #joinsector #dontforgettopayyourdues

Congratulations to our sisters Susana Parra (ΟΞ #11) and Zuleima Hernandez (ΟΡ #2) on their graduation!!!👩🏻‍🎓🎉 We are so very proud of you! You both have a very bright future ahead of you and we cannot wait to see what big things are in store for you!💖 #LambdaGrads #CSUNLSG #Classof2018

7 in 7 out (Our 6 was lost taking pics 😩 We still love you Ivan) And now 7 of us have Degrees. And Saluting one last time with my LBs made me feel some type of way 😢But we will get back together and show them what we do best 😠 #BetaPsiBeTheReason #SigmaLineIStheReason #ΛΘΦ #LambdaGrads #WIUGrads18

Congratulations to my Big, Emanuel Velazquez for graduating with his Bachelors in Biology. I know you’ll be studying hard and getting into Dental School soon so I can get that hookup. #lambdagrads #untlambdas #lambdathetaphi

We would like to congratulate our undergraduate brothers for completing their degrees and advancing in academic excellence! This past week we had brothers from BETA, Rutgers New Brunswick, IOTA, Rider University, and PI, Monmouth University all graduate! Many are first generation graduates and we are extremely proud of all of your accomplishments and know that you all have a very bright future ahead of you! Stayed tuned for next week to see how many brothers are graduating from Gamma 👀 #lambdagrads #grad2018🎓 #rutgers #rider #monmouthuniversity #njs2lambdas #keeppayingyourdues #joinsector

BETA Chapter (Rutgers University - New Brunswick) #LambdaGrads. Do amazing things in your careers. #LambdaThetaPhi #ΛΘΦ #Lambdas #Region1Lambdas #BETA #RU #RUNB #Classof2018 #RU18

“I have become a stronger individual through trial and error with Lambda Theta Phi. Those who knew me before i came to SDSU would not recognize who I am today and that is because I pushed myself to be as involved as i could. I have become a leader, innovator, and problem solver.”
Brother Erik Sanchez (SP 15) will be taking some time off and focus on working to pay off student loans. He plans to continue onto grad school and hopefully become a lawyer and eventually work for the city as a mayor. We would like to wish you the best, and thank you for your hard work as President. Delta Gamma will miss you!! #LambdaThetaPhi #LambdaGrads #SDSU

We’re so proud of our Spring 2018 graduates from our Delta Alpha Chapter - Sam Houston State University. The amount of hard work and dedication you all devoted to your studies did not go unnoticed. We are so proud of all of y’all and know you will do great things in your professional careers and live up to the fraternity’s values. (Left to Right) Ernesto “Achilles” Rivera (SP17) , Michael “Telephus Sanchez (SP15) and Jesse “Coeus” Moreno (SP17) #lambdagrad #lambdagrads #shsugrad #Lambdas

We’re so proud of our Spring 2018 graduates. The amount of hard work and dedication you all devoted to your studies did not go unnoticed. We are so proud of all of y’all and know you will do great things in your professional careers and live up to the fraternity’s values. #lambdagrad #lambdagrads #shsugrad #Lambdas

FA15 POWER MOVES! #lambdagrads #MIS1 #ΛΘΦ

Chapter would like to congratulate H. Sergio Gonzalez on graduating this Spring! Throughout his 2 years in La Fraternidad, he has accomplished several great achievements, including serving as Vice-President and planning our PATHE Initiative in Spring of 2017, and also being our chapter president during this past academic year. We wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors! Para Siempre! ⚔️⚜️ #iulambdas #lambdagrads #1982

Congrats to @porchugeez55 - the last of my neos to graduate! I’m so proud of you and all of the accomplishments that you’ve had over your undergrad career. You have such potential and I know you’ll do great things in the world. I’m so happy that I was here to see you walk across that stage and I will continue to be there for you throughout the years. Tonight we celebrate you! #classof2018 #ufgrad #allmybabiesaregrown #architects #Lambdas #lambdagrads

That’s another 3 ΔΞ brothers across the stage!! Congratulations Jonathan, JP, and Nelson! #Lambdas #LambdaGrads

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