Akanku abadikan segala memori💜💕
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Part of my daily routine for 4 years has been feeding myself right! ⠀

Even Bolt tried to get in on it! 😍🤣⠀

But seriously, i am a cancer survivor i care what i put in my body!! I am also 44- i also care about real food that has a lasting impact. ⠀

I used to look for the quick fix. Any gimmick that would promise a magical result! Yeah, there is no Magic. It’s about find what works for you, rinse and repeat!!⠀

This works for me because it’s REAL nutrition, it’s superfoods, it makes it easier for me to guarantee I have everything i need at least once a day. 365!! 4 years strong it’s part of my daily grind!! ⠀

Better every day! I’d love to share it with you if you e been looking to improve your nutrition and feel great! ❤️🙌🏼 ⠀

Message me for more info!


Why?!? I have 15 Clients in my latest Challenge!! I KNOW what it means that they decided to commit for the next four weeks to their health and fitness..... it means that they are going to be set up for success before the holidays!! Before all those parties!!🙌🏼❤️🍾🥂⠀

They are going to learn how being consistent in as little as 30 minutes a day .... for some of us only four days a week.... can help them achieve their goals no matter what they are!!⠀

January of this year I started out with a broken ankle, shortly there after I had two major losses 💔💔 back to back.... I wasn’t following along with the plan that has kept me fit for the past four years. Recovery was harder than I thought!⠀

Two months ago I recommitted! ⠀
✅I followed the plan. ⠀
✅I committed to my workouts 4 days a week. ⠀
✅I followed my meal plan and I continue to coach my clients and share my struggles!⠀

This photo was taken 2 weeks ago!! I’m proud to say I am back on track. I am not where I want to be ultimately but I’ve made progress and I’m going to continue to push right to the end of the year!!🎉🎉⠀

I am inviting YOU to join me in October!! I want YOU to crush goals with a work from home program that you absolutely can do!! ⠀

I am committed to my goals and teaching you how you can do this to!! If you’re interested in joining in October I want you to message me for more details to join!⠀

The FIRST 3 That sign up for next challenge by September 30th will get a special gift to sweeten the deal! ❤️🎃⠀

I know what it is to work through your struggle and come out the other side! I’m not giving up and neither should you! ⠀

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Yes, life IS beautiful with Love Your Melon! 😍💛🙌🏻 PC: @ashleyfeldmann
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It’s September! Which means it’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The Gonzaga LYM crew wants to encourage you to participate in The Millionth Mile, which helps fight childhood cancer one mile at a time. You can find more details and register to log your miles at @alexslemonade website! It’s time to finally get those steps in 🏃🏽‍♀️ #themillionmile #lym #fightingchildhoodcancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! Help support pediatric cancer by checking out the "Going Gold" line on our website: https://www.loveyourmelon.com #GoingGold #iupui #lym

Where did the summer go? But here’s the thing, that only means my favorite season is here. Hello, Autumn.

Alec tried to catch me but it didn’t go very well 🤚🏼 🍑
So thankful for these people and this crew ! For those of you who haven’t checked out Love Your Melon (@belmontlymcrew @lymlife), PLEASE DO!!!! it’s an AMAZING cause and I am SO blessed to be apart of it.

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Childhood cancer awareness month is the reason we and the bridge are “going gold” for September. Join us this month in going gold to spread awareness! Mercer LYM Crew is back on campus and we are really excited for a good year! #lym #lymlife #lymsouth #gogold

I think @loveyourmelon has been reading my mind. This blanket has been on my mind lately.... I only live once right? Christmas is coming.... I could say it’s a gift for me! #lym #myfavorite #blanket

Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini Exchange Pushes into the UK Market http://dlvr.it/QlFcmY

Leave Your Mark x @ironlak tees available, link in bio #leaveyourmark #ironlak #lym #leaveyourmarksac

So glad it rained so I could wear my hunter boots- that I paid a whopping $60 for at style encore 😎 #plaid #fallootd #LYM #rainyday #fallaf

Meet: Ashling McLaughlin
Year: Senior
Hometown: Oak Lawn, IL
Major: PR and Advertising
Crew Position: Co-Captain
Fav emoji: 💁🏼
Why did you join LYM? I joined Love Your Melon because I wanted to get involved on campus. When I was looking for a club I came across Love Your Melon and heard about it prior. I love this clubs mission statement and felt included when I went to the first meeting.
Favorite Beanie Color?:Maroon
Fun Fact: I was an extra on Chicago Fire. Season 6 episode 1, peep me 👀🎬 #meloncrushmonday #mcm #meetthecrew #lym

WE ARE...best friends who stand together to fight pediatric cancer with Love Your Melon! @loveyourmelon #lym

•stars can‘t shine without darkness•

MEET THE EXEC MONDAY!💛💗 Give a round of applause for Linfield’s LYM Prez!!!!!! Our president is @jamieneimann from Portland, OR. She’s a nursing major who’s been with us 5 whole semesters! We asked her which LYM superhero she wishes she could be and why? “I wish I could be Finn because there’s been many moments that I wished I could cherish a little longer, plus adulting is no fun.” Her fav food is Tbar’s Bowls (which she can only get in @chico_california), she loves the color purple, and she’s a member of LSNA, ONA, and Nurses w/o Borders club ❤️
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