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S/O to everyone who came out yesterday to #LAday .... it was a great turn out, thank you all for your support...! @loveletters_tattoo #family #losangeles California #lettering #tattoo #loveletters #goodpeople #goodtimes

🎉IT'S LIVE!!! 🎉The lettering kit is now digital in the shop//link in bio. (((Tap the picture))) Download it to your computer & print as many times as your heart desires or use it on your iPad. Without your gentle nudges I wouldn't have known there was such an interest to go digital. And thank you kindly for buying every last one of my hard copy kits. 😋My heart is overflowing. But I really am going to miss packaging up those orders. Aside from actually creating pretty letters - packaging would have to by favorite thing to do. I even stocked the shop with pens if you needed extras.

Never excelled at travelling without my girls. Love letters and daily spoils at the ready. Thank you Nonna and Pa. Byeeeeee....
#daughterlove #loveletters #lovestory #threedaughters #mygirls #myeverything #worktrip #foursleeps #familylove

"I draw these letters
as the day draws its images
and blows over them
and does not return." -
- OCTAVIO PAZ, 'Writing'. -
CY TWOMBLY, 'Untitled', 1971 (detail). Private Collection, Hong Kong. -
"'Bad handwriting' is what the general art public always squawks about when they think of Twombly's stunningly messy and sometimes sparse paintings and drawings, which to the untrained eye can certainly be mistaken for the penmanship of an 'outsider' artist. But on closer inspection, the lucky ones, like us, see the exact opposite - the poetic Palmer Method of a true insider.
You see, Cy Twombly is, quite simply, better than you and me and has the right to feel superior to all collectors. He should judge us because he makes perfect mistakes and laughs at the concerns of the moneyed class, who deserve the problems of abstraction. For me, his thoroughbred so-called scribbles celebrate an ecstasy that only a dyslexic child prodigy could feel over his secret code words and alternative alphabets. This exclusive, violent, erotic handwriting that may seem illegible to others can be read if you just give it a chance... I can read them and so can you if you just give up everything you've been taught in elementary school.... Remember, you can't be wrong when you are translating from an abstract language." -
- JOHN WATERS, writer and film director, from his book 'Role Models', in which he imagines Cy Twombly as his roommate. -
#backtothedrawingboard #cytwombly #octaviopaz #hongkongcollections #loveletters #writingskills #poemfortheday #johnwaters

The equivalent of smashing a bottle of death juice on a ship, snipping a ribbon, making the first tattoo at @dearyoutattoo. So proud of @elsablackheart and I'm excited to see her come into her own and get settled. #anchormoto #hurt #dearyoutattoo #loveletters #kc

Oef, ik heb weer zo'n dag dat ik aan alles twijfel en mezelf de hele tijd streng moet toespreken, 'zo is het goed genoeg.' En dat terwijl ik enorme bergen werk te doen heb. Even een momentje voor een cheesy quote dus 😬


Workshop time! I gave my first workshop today part two... So excited 😊 #handmade #loveletters #lovetype #lovemetallics #lovepainting #brushlettering #handlettering

I finally got the opportunity to see two of my favorite actors (and writers) of all time on stage! What a beautiful play and what a performance from two living legends and one of them a 60 year jubilee!👏🏼❤ #detnyteater #sussewold #bentmejding #theatre #loveletters #selfie #reading #acting #kærestebreve #truelove

"The way this goes is..
We awakened this fire in our souls and I knew when I saw her..
She was greatness and power all beneath flesh..eyes and a smile..a beautiful being..
My soul outside my body beating to the same tune as me..I remembered this frequency..
I felt it long ago..part of the reason I would wake from dreams to write. I could not ever see the face..only the light beams..the beauty...how I felt...looked like the light in her eyes..felt how my heart felt When her heart and soul spoke to me moved me before my eyes greeted her..
And I knew she would change me forever..but always for the better..it would aid me in being the best me. She makes me want to go harder..
See in this type of thing..
There were triggers..as we could only come together not only WHOLE beings but free of old templates of past pain..balanced..and most of all rid of our egos. We have to remain on a high vibrational frequency to allow this Divine Love to flow through us back towards each other..to finally come together..
No fear of the intensity of these two powerful wholes meeting.. for we are powerful vibrational beings..
...with a beautiful higher purpose in the strong beauty of this love. "Dear Love...
You are my other whole and I yours...I love me in my entirety therefore my Love..I will forever love you..UNCONDITONALLY..in your entirety..
Regardless of any of our actions..truths..your personal path in life...or where you set your boundaries..you are still it. I have strengthened myself..heightened my self awareness and my love for myself...as well as my love for you..it could be tested Love but it will not weaken what I feel for you and my certainty of this union..you can feel it if you just..open your arms..
But I no longer have a need to control this..yes I mean your part...that was all my ego..
Just know this..
I am always here..
And it's coming..sooner than doubt would allow you to believe..." Love Unconditionally,

#loveletters #twinflames #growth #evolving #unconditionallovealways #Nissa💚

This woman's participatory art stretches the soul of anyone lucky enough to be touched by it. (Performers included!) Honored to read Letters of Transcendent Love in @katerelish 's "Candela" tonight at Dark Before Dawn. (Kate glows from last night's Rites of Spring rebirth and revirgin-ization!) #participatoryart #immersivetheatre #loveletters #anaisnin #henrymiller #henryandjune #bacchanalia #spring #doorway #silhouette

Tripeando algo!! kon @oyejoseh de culiacan en el trip machin gracias loko!! 🔥🔥🔥 #loveletters #calligraffiti #caligrafia

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