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I’m here to inspire all the children worldwide! When they hear my motivational messages, I want them to say ‘Wow! If he’s only 12-years old and can follow his dreams, then I know I can do the same!”#LiveYourDream #kingnahh @aiden_j_garcia

Moonchi was loudly protesting driving in the heat + 20 mph winds so I pulled over. I guess we're not making it to Austin today. That's ok. I didn't like driving in the wind either and we're free to do as we please! 🌬


#WordsFromGod: Purpose In The Process 🙌🏽

YOU ARE AMAZING!! You have sooo much to offer this world. You were created in the image of God, on purpose, and for a purpose! 🙏🏽

I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose lately. And I don’t know about you, but I catch myself thinking about the “end result” a lot. Like…why can’t I just be “there,” or have “that” already?! 🙄

But God… ☝🏽

God keeps reminding me that I’m already living in my purpose. There’s so much more purpose in the process than purpose in what we perceive to be the “finish line.” We will never actually “arrive” anywhere worth being for too long, until we get to Heaven. God will always be pushing us and growing us in new directions. Sure, we will accomplish certain things in our lives, but I’ve learned that we will never find true joy until we are living in God’s will, partnering with him in the process!!! 👫

I’ve reached goals and have had a lot of success in my life, but I’m STILL learning this same lesson everyday. My life is incredible, but there are still days that I’m just wishing I was further, and doing bigger things with my life. 💃🏼


There will always be someone or something to compare our lives to. We will always experience that “grass is greener” concept. So the way to beat life at it’s own game is to recognize this, and seek the purpose in the process instead of always looking for something bigger and better! 🌿

Let’s seek joy from the Joy-Giver. Let’s seek peace from the Prince of Peace. Let’s seek purpose from the one who knit us in our mother’s womb in HIS image. Let’s seek after God with everything that we are, and enjoy the process of being molded and shaped into world-changers and shakers. Let’s do it together! 👯‍♀️

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TAG someone AMAZING to encourage! 🤟🏽

It's Friday🎉 Take matters into your own hands 🙌🏞👑💯 📸:@digernes


Big boys toys 😂 Can't wait to start jumping my own gear 😊 #iconpro #nextgen #aerodyne #safire3 #smartreserve #nzaerosports #icaruscanopies #fuckyeah #skyhook #cypres2

Beautiful spaces inspire the mind, encourage the heart, and motivate the spirit. Contact me today to purchase a beautiful space of your own!

How can you not love hiking with views like this! Being outdoors in the mountains is definitely my happy place

So true❤❤❤

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I know it is my Birthday, but Giving is my love language 💙
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Thanks to @stuartcoupe from @2ser_ for having me on his show Dirt Music. Got to belt out 2 songs over the airwaves broadcasting nationally! Was a real rush meeting Stuart he's interviewed my idols Bob Dylan and @officialjacksonbrowne to name but a few. #radio #australia #sydney #2ser #goodtimes

🇵🇦 Bocos del Toro, Panama
Keep the pictures coming! Keep the message clear: we are fortunate to be where we are in life and grateful for all that life has given us. Never rest in your hustle, keep your dream alive.
Proceeds from the sale of apparel from us are going towards a charity of our choice in each country we visit. We want to give back to the communities that take us in and make us at feel home.
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Congratulations to John Curtis, from McMinn County High School, on his commitment to play baseball at Rollins College! #NPIDcommit #LiveYourDream

What determines whether you succeed or fail at anything? Energy. ⚡️ Train your brain to change your state, to replicate the energy, and you’ll achieve more. 🔥 Thanks for another high-energy seminar aka Las Vegas dance party, @tonyrobbins!

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