Two days and counting! My first Skinntea Party is less than 72 hours away and I must say I'm super duper excited. Lives will be changed! I'm ready to rub off some of this positive, electrifying energy which consist of visions, determination, goals and knowledge on how you can change your entire life and finances in one day all by just saying "YES". Your future could depend on it.
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Entreprenuers, single moms, single fathers or anyone looking to make a change in their financial status come join my Regional Director @soprettifulfash Lateshia Williams at the Olive Garden in Brunswick, Ga of you looking to make a change in your FINANCES TODAY! SKINNTEA WINNERS TEAM IS THE FASTEST GOING TEAM IN SOUTHEAST GEORGIA! With members all over the United states and foreign countries. Get people, great support, awesome leadership!
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Joining our team just seems like the most sensible thing to do, because if it dont make you money$$$$, it dont make no sense. Call me for more info on how to join the winning team 9125714201 www.iasotea.com/3404091 Rep number 3404091
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Tonight at 8pm tonight our beautiful Regional Director Mrs. Lateshia Williams will be hosting an Opportunity Call for all prospects who may be interested in joining the winning team. Please call in @ 6055620020 pin 763931448 to hear how she has made over 30k from Total Life Changes 3 months and how you too can change your financial stability forever!
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