she asks you to smoke.. left or right? 🔥⛽️

Whos got the light?! 🔥😎🙌

Yummy 😋

we got the LA KUSH disposables. 😻 full G, solvent-less. ✨ #LAKUSH #420 #weed #high #hightimes #indica #sativa #hyprid #love #loveyourself #thc #cannabis #cbd

Ooooh baby I like it RAW

Happy Thursday! This morning was a better start than the past 2 days! I can proudly say I’m getting the hang of this super mom thang! Hahaha, so to reward myself I went in on a nice glob of #strawberrylemonade I picked up from @lakush.ela yesterday! I’m so glad I saved it for this morning! A nice tangy impact on my taste buds quickly awoke all my senses, by the second exhale I felt the need to rush out the door! It’s sativa effects were accurate as can be, although after about 15min I did calm a bit down and that energy became more of determination to GET THINGS DONE! Welp! I’m off to walk in the hot sun for about 2 hours, wish me luck! Have a beautiful PRODUCTIVE day loves! Don’t forget to keep smiling and keep dancing!!!! •

Pyramid Rig: @williams_glass
Dabber: @honeybomberdesigns
Cap: @stillonlyhuman
Song: Boom- Paolo Baldini •

Chiefin’ that Blood Walker

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