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G Herbo or Kutt throat Von?🤔 Comment below
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#Chicago Rapper And #Kutthroat Affiliate. @dreadheadhitta TALKING ABOUT #KutthroatVon IN OUR NEW EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW. ......Link In My Bio..

Scariest Chicago rappers of all time:
#FBGDuck: this nigga is 6'4" 250 pounds, got stabbed straight down his stomach and just does not give a fuck about anything. He is always laughing and shit which is even scarier.
#RondoNumbaNine: he is like the only nigga in 600 without dreads (other than s.dot) and he look like a god damn demon bro. His face is fucked up he look like an apple tho, but a scary one.
#LilReese they ain't call him the chiraq grim reaper for nun. This nigga like a giraffe with 50 straps and a bad temper. If this nigga don't like someone, he make it known. This nigga declared war on Isis bro he clearly don't care. And as for #Tray57, those of u who know abt him and are wondering who killed him...
#EBKJuivie this nigga clearly does not care about his free life. He got locked up because he killed a nigga and wrote a tweet about it🤔 honestly tho would you fuck with a nigga who poses for pictures holding a gun with a laser at his chest? No.
#KutthroatVon this nigga is so scary because he never shows any emotion. He always there with his mouth open with a pistol with a laser pointing it at the camera. #RIPKTSVON
#PRico this nigga is terrifying because he just has no manners and never smiles. There's two types of demons those who always demonically smile and those who never smile. Bruh u can bring him to a Kevin hart show and this nigga would be so bored he would fall asleep. And he always strapped to.
#FredoSantana this nigga is just insane. He the chiraq demon for a reason too he kill niggas then tat it on his face. He also got one a them crosses on his forehead. It should just say "don't fw me cuz I will kill u" instead of a cross, it's like the same thing.

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Ion like how they did buddie dirty wasn't a fan at first but the young Chicago rapper's caught the flow now the whole world #GloedUp on our lingo and culture #Cappin #Capo #JoJoWorld #NuskiGang #BloodMoney #LACapone #YungPappy #KutThroatVon

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