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Ivanka speaking to students at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum today (March 28, 2017). She revealed that she is planning to take a coding class with her daughter Arabella this summer!! She sure is an incredible and devoted mother!! ☺️💘

#SPOTLIGHT : 29 - MAR - 5:00 PM

#Kushner to lead #American Innovation office at #WhiteHouse

व्हाइट हाउस में ‘अमेरिकी नवोन्मेष कार्यालय’ के प्रमुख बने जारेड कुशनेर

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Apple = Tree. Its important to note where Jared Kushner comes from. Tax evasion, witness tampering, illegal campaign donations.... #kushner #followthemoney

Staff shirts are coming out. Must mean Summer is getting closer.. #kushner #wandawednesday

Ivanka leaving her house in Washington DC and heads to work at the White House yesterday (March 29, 2017). 💓☺️ The dress is absolutely wonderful and is from her own brand!


Ivanka leaving her house in Washington DC and heads to work at the White House yesterday (March 29, 2017). 💓☺️ The dress is absolutely wonderful and is from her own brand!

Artist and photoshop master @groked posted this image of Jared #Kushner& #39;s new building at 666 Fifth Avenue last week and got the internet in a tizzy. Kushner and China's Anbang Insurance Group's announced plans to redevelop the Zaha Hadid-designed skyscraper but immense public pressure forced Anbang to withdraw from negotiations. The future of the property is currently in question but well always have the renderings and Photoshopped gems like these as proof of the absurdity. #architecture #design #photoshop #art #eyeofsauron #lordoftherings #lotr #sauron @zahahadidarchitects

When the family of presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner and China’s Anbang Insurance Group announced plans to redevelop a Zaha Hadid-designed skyscraper at Manhattan’s 666 Fifth Avenue, just about everyone, from lawmakers to government ethicists, balked. Although the deal would have helped transform the Kushners’ struggling office-and-retail property into a 1,400-foot mixed-use tower with retail space, high-end condominiums, and an 11-story hotel, negotiations eventually buckled under public pressure. Still, we’ll always have the renderings—and the Photoshopped artwork, one of which reimagines the monolith-like edifice as Barad-dûr. #architecture @zahahadidarchitects #kushner #skyscraper #design #urbandesign #nyc

Ivanka Trump, the elder daughter of US President Donald Trump, is becoming an official government employee. She is joining her husband, Jared Kushner, as an unpaid adviser to her father in the White House, a statement said.
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Among those who have observed the Trump Crime Family®, it’s well-known that the two elder sons “sparkle” in the sunlight. They may not be very bright, but their marble pallor makes them truly shine. Or perhaps that’s just a lifetime of Brylcreem abuse. Of these two glowing parasites, Donald “Vampire Boy 1®” Trump Jr. merely looks undead, but Eric looks like one of the bad extras in the bad hair and makeup from the bad movies made from those bad Twilight novels, a vampire’s vampire, a sucker’s sucker.
Hunting and killing endangered animals, scoffing at the idea of sexual harassment in the workplace, Eric “ Vampire Boy 2®” Trump once seemed like just another rich twit, albeit a very sparkly one. Now that his father has been maneuvered into the presidency, though, #2 finds himself as one of two trustees of the crime family’s business empire, the empire their father, Don Fugazy®, claimed he was putting in a “blind trust” to avoid "conflicts of interest." Yeah, right.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Vampire Boy 2® gave the game away. He admits his father will continue to have access to the financial books for the Trump Organization. Eric says he will continue to give his father updates “on the bottom line, profitability reports and stuff like that.” The Trumps refused to set up a blind trust, which would ensure that his activity in the West Wing would not be tainted by the reality or perception that he is making decisions with his own bank account in mind. Instead, Eric Trump set up a “half-blind trust,” which is neither blind at all nor ethical. It “removes Donald Trump from direct ownership as a cosmetic nod to ethics laws, but still enables him to make money from these businesses, as well as obtain information on how the businesses are being managed. As we said, shiny, but not very bright. Know your thug®. Congratulations, Eric “Vampire Boy 2®” Trump! You’re a ganksta!™ And this ganksta administration has to go. Please share! #ganksta #knowyourthug #impeachment #dumptrump #erictrump #donaldtrumpjr #vampireboy2 #vampireboy1 #ivanka #kushner #ethics #blindtrust #half-blindtrust #trumporganization #trumpcrimefamily #donfugazy #kleptocracy

Even among the greedy graspers of the Trump Crime Family®, son-in-law Jared Kushner stands out for his hustle and ambition, but it’s precisely this extra gear of corruption that has Vegas odds-makers betting he’ll be the first in the family to do time for the scandal surrounding the Family’s connection to Russia.

The list of things Trump has delegated to his “Senior Advisor” is impressive, despite the 36 year-old's zero government experience. Trade? He went to Jared®. Middle East? He went to Jared®. Infrastructure? The VA? Opioid crisis? Fuggeddabbouddit. He went to Jared®, making the baby-faced owner of 666 Fifth Avenue (you can’t make this stuff up) the, like, deputy president for everything.

But Kushner isn’t in the news, (and doesn’t have his own Vegas line) for any of that. Instead, the story of the son-in-law and the Russians just grows. In addition to meetings with Russian Ambassador and alleged spymaster Sergey “Karla®” Kislyak, and failing to disclose those meetings, Kushner also covered up similar meetings in Dec. 2016 between Kislyak and former National Security Advisor Michael “Tovarich®” Flynn. These Kushner-Flynn-Kislyak meetings are key to the charges of collusion between the transition team and the Russians, because they came after President Obama announced sanctions against the Russians for hacking the 2016 election.
Speaking of sanctions, Kushner has bigger problems. In Dec., 2016, he met with Sergei “Spook Bank®” Gorkov, Chairman of the Russian VEB bank, a graduate of the FSB academy and close associate of Putin. The VEB has been under US sanctions for three years. Kushner and Flynn had a lot of meetings with Russians that month, and the inference lawmakers draw is that there was a near-treasonous quid pro quo: Russian help for Trump in return for Trump lifting sanctions against Russia.
Kushner knows the value of a strategic marriage. His next one may be to a brother on the D block at Lewisburg. Know your thug®. Congratulations, Jared “Soon-to-be Prison Wife®” Kushner! You’re a ganksta!™ And this ganksta administration has to go. Please share! #ganksta #knowyourthug #kislyak #sergeigorkov #impeachment #ivanka #kushner #flynn

Great White Hunter, heartless Fifth Avenue rich kid, Vampire Boy®? Yes, for while his face is even now curdling into an watered-down version of his loathsome father’s, his hair (always an issue for a Trump) is clearly immortal, rocking that slicked-back, “Wall Street,” Gordon Gekko look like it’s 1987. Hey, greed is good, right?

Donald “Vampire Boy 1®” Trump Jr. likes killing things, that much is clear from his selfies: posing with the dead endangered leopard he just shot; posing with the elephant’s tail he just cut off. So ganksta™. As a trustee of the Trump Crime Family®, he oversees the company’s commercial leasing operation and tries to help his father, Don Fugazy®, to maintain the incresingly-difficult-to-sustain fiction that the family business is completely separate from the Presidency. The truth, though, like a vampire, is proving not-so-easy to kill.
Congratulations, Donald“Vampire Boy1®” Trump, Jr.! You’re a ganksta!™
And this ganksta administration has to go. Please share!
#ganksta #knowyourthug #thegangthatcoudntshootstraight #impeachment #dumptrump #erictrump #donaldtrumpjr #vampireboy2 #vampireboy1 #ivanka #kushner #ethics #blindtrust #half-blindtrust #trumporganization #trumpcrimefamily #donfugazy #kleptocracy #lies #liesandpropaganda #liesandthelyingliarswhotellthem

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