Here I am, sunk, defeated, broken, as if it were made of glass and a simple word of yours was enough to break me into a thousand pieces.

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Kristen getting a tattoo, 2013
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This time I want to talk to you about something more personal. Relationships. Interested? Thought so. of course I am going to talk about myself because I am the only one I know a lot about. Hope you don’t mind, and hope to see your feedback under this post!

So. I can highlight only 3 important people in my life. At least, they used to be important to me some time ago.

1️⃣My first boyfriend. I was like…13 when I first met this guy. He was funny, unusual and…redhead. He had this unique ability to laugh at himself, and he was a people person, a life of the party. I liked him, because he was not like other boys. And he was the 1st one who payed attention to me. Almost a year had passed before one of my friends told me that I was in love with him. I hadn’t felt anything like love, but believed her at once. Why? She was older, she knew for sure what she was talking about. At least, that was what I thought to myself back then. We dated from time to time, nothing was official, and things ended when I turned 19. He wanted me to become his wife, I changed his life but…then he found out I had a girlfriend. Our relations were done.
2️⃣She wasn’t my 1st girlfriend, but she meant (and still does) a lot to me. More of a sister than a love interest. Our paths crossed when I least expected that to happen. I found out she was in love with me only 6 months later. I swear you I had no idea she fell in love with me!! And i… screw things up. I still think of her, still stalk on her on insta and wish her all the best. My dear sister, not by blood. I hope you gonna be happy when you move to Mexico. Kisses, honey. Hope you don’t hate me and think of me, at least a couple times per year.
3️⃣My ex. God, I used to hate you soooo fucking much! I won’t be able to forget those 9 months I spent on you. Time you stole from me. And 3 more months I spent dying day after day. Thankfully, I bounced back from that shit, my fake bipolar bitch. Be happy, and farewell. (ending in comments)⤵️

Kristen at the Equals premiere at Venice Film Festival, 2015
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I can't believe that I just posted about it being ten years and now there are TENTH ANNIVERSARY EDITION MOVIES AND TWILIGHT IS PLAYING IN THEATERS!!!!! MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!!!

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Rob pays a visit to Kristen’s trailer in Montreal, Canada 🇨🇦 on the set of ‘On The Road’ #RobertPattinson #KristenStewart #OnTheRoadSet

Good morning

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2009| “Adventureland” Production Still. 💦

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